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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sabudana kichdi(Chowari upma)

Sabudana 2cups,wash and soak in just enough water to cover the pearls,for 3hrs.

green chilly 2,chopped,curry leaves little,cooking oil 2tblspn,cumin seeds 1/4tspn,
dried red chilly 1,broken into small pcs,grated ginger 1tblspn,salt to taste.
Heat oil,drop in red chilly,cumin seeds,when cumin turned brown add curry leaves,
ginger and green chilly.Saute till light brown.Add salt and mix.
Add sabudana,run a fork to combine sabudana with the mix.Stir till the pearls are

 Ghee 1tspn, grated coconut 1/2cup,ground nut 1/4cup,fried and grounded,
cilantro chopped 1tblspn.
 Add ghee,coconut,half cilantro and ground nut to sabudana,combine well.
Transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with cilantro.

Palak chicken

Palak(spinach) 600gm,boneless chicken 400gm,cut into small pieces,
onion 1,chopped
Heat a pan,add palak and onion,saute till smeared ,allow to cooland puree,keep aside.

Pepper powder 1tspn,lemon juice 1tblspn,salt to taste,mix the ingredients ,marinate
chicken,keep for an hour.Cook chicken in low flame.Keep aside.
Ginger garlic paste 1tspn,coriander powder 1tspn,garam masala 1/2tspn,
green chilly 1,sliced,salt to taste,cooking oil 11/2tblspn,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,
pepper powder 1/2tspn.

Heat oil ,add ginger garlic paste,stir till aroma spreads.
Add palak puree,green chilly,saute well,add turmeric,coriander and pepper powder,
stir till raw smell goes,add salt,

 cooked chicken,mix well,

add garam masala,mix and transfer to a serving bowl.

Palak chicken is excellent with roti,naan,chappathi,veayllappam and rice. I tried with
appam,it was really yummy...

Vellayappam (Aappam)

Preparation of batter
Raw rice (pachari) 2 cups,soaked for 6-7hrs,grated coconut 1 cup,cooked rice
1 tblspn,sugar 1tblspn
Grind the ingredients  together to a fine,thin batter.

Add a pinch of yeast,mix well,allow to ferment overnight.

Put an appachatti on stove top,heat,brush oil,pour a laddleful batter,rotate the wok,
to spread the batter around,close with the lid,wait till cooked.No need to flip.

Prepare aappams like this procedure.

Serve with egg/chicken/mutton/vegetable/kadala curry/stews ,coconut chutney
or with boiled milk and sugar.

Here it was served with palak chicken and coconut cilantro chutney.It was yummy....

Vendakkapachadi (bindi)

Bindi 250gm,washed,cleaned and cut into thin rounds,green chilly 2, chopped,
cooking oil 1tblspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,dried red chilly 1,broken into 3 or 4 pcs,
curry leaf 1/2sprig,cumin powder 1/2tspn,thick curd 1 1/2cup,salt to taste.

Heat oil,drop in red chilly,mustard seeds,allow seeds to pop,add curry leaf,

followed by bindi,saute till half cooked,

add green chilly,saute till completly cooked.
Add cumin powder,salt,mix well,remove from flame.Wait for a minute,add gently
whisked curd to bindi mix,combine gently.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy chicken curry

Whole chicken 1 (about 1.25kg), cut into small pieces,
Onion 1, chopped, ginger garlic paste2tsp., curry leaf 1sprig, salt to taste,
yogurt 1/2cup, chilly powder11/2tspn, pepper powder 1/2tsp., coriander
powder 11/2tspn, turmeric powder 1/3tspn.
Combine the ingredients together, put it in a pressure cooker, cook for a whistle,
wait till pressure vents.

Green chilly 3,sliced,coconut milk 1/2cup, garam masala 1/2tspn, cilantro a little.

When pressure vents, add green chilly, allow to boil, reduce flame, add garam masala,
coconut milk, mix well, allow to bubble. Transfer to serving bowl, garnish with cilantro.

Good and tasty dish for dinner items like chapatti, aappam, idiappam, bread & puttu.

Nadan kozhipirattu

Whole chicken 1(about 11/2kg) cut into medium pieces,coriander powder 1tblspn,
chilly powder 2tspn,pepper powder 1tspn,turmeric powder 1/2tspn,salt to taste,
lemon juice 2tblspn
Mix the ingredients together,rub on chicken pieces,keep it for 4-5hours.
Onion large 1,sliced,ginger 3inch piece,chopped,garlic 7cloves,finely chopped,
green chilly 4,sliced,curry leaf 1 sprig,garam masala 3/4tspn,cooking oil 2tblspn,
spring onion 1stalk,chopped.

Heat oil in a shallow pan,drop in curry leaves,onion,saute till,onion is translucent,
add ginger,garlic,saute till half cooked,add green chilly,saute till cooked,add
chicken,combine well,allow to boil,reduce flame,allow to cook.

Add garam masala,mix and cook till the gravy thickens and cover the pieces.

Inchicurry (ginger)

Ginger is a rhizome,which favours digestion.
This dish is an inevitable item for sadya.
Ginger 5oogm,peeled ,washed,strained and cut into thin,round pieces,

Shallots a handful,finely chopped,green chilly 5,finely chopped
Cookin oil 1/2 cup,fry the ginger to crispy brown
Allow to cool.Grind it in a blender,keep aside.

Turmeric powder 1/4tspn,chilly powder 2tspn,coriander powder 11/2tspn,
fenugreek powder 1/4tspn,asafoetida powder a pinch,tamarind concentrate
1tspn,salt to taste,
Add these ingredients in a bowl,mix it well in 2 cups water,add powdered
ginger,mix well,keep aside.
Dried red chilly 2,broken into 5-6pcs,mustard seeds 1/4 tspn,curry leaf 1sprig
In the balance oil,just after frying ginger,drop in dried chilly,mustard seeds,
allow seeds to pop,add curry leaves,onion,saute till translucent,
add green chilly,saute till fried brown.
Pour the masala mix on to the fried onion and chilly,allow to boil till a semithick

Adjust salt,add a small piece of jaggery.Mix well,allow to remain in low flame
for 3 mins.

Simple ghee rice

Basmathi rice 2cups,cloves 2,cinnamon stick 1inch,cardamom 1,mace little,
ghee 2tspn,salt to taste,water 4 1/2cups.

Add the ingredients in a pressure cooker.Allow to boil.Put on vent weight.
Check whether pressure is formed.Immediately turn off the flame.It will take only 1-2 mins.
When pressure vents out,spread rice on a tray,run fork through it to get the rice
seperated.So simple and time saving.

Serve with  fish curry.

Kappakuzhachathu (Tapioca)

pic 1

Tapioca(cassava) 2kg, peeled, cubed,
Turmeric 1/2tsp., salt to taste
Cook tapioca along with the ingredients. ( pic 1 )
Preparation of coconut mix
Grated coconut 1cup, garlic cloves 3, chopped, shallots 3, chopped,

pic 2
Green chilly 3, cumin seeds 1/2tsp., turmeric powder a pinch, salt to taste.
Grind the ingredients in a blender. Here riped chilly is used. ( pic 2)
Cooking oil 1tbsp., dried red chilly 1, broken into 2-3pcs,
mustard seeds 1/4tsp., curry leaf as reqd.
Heat oil , drop in dried chilly, mustard seeds, allow seeds to pop, add curry leaves,

pic 3
coconut mix, stir well, (pic 3) add cooked tapioca, combine well to get coated the mix

pic 4
pic 5
thoroughly . (pic 4 ). Transfer into a serving bowl. ( pic 5 )Serve with chutney or fish curry .