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Friday, August 30, 2013

Pineapple curd

Pineapple 1,skinned and cubed, green chilly 7,slitted whole, garlic clove 2,finely chopped and crushed, salt to taste, turmeric powder 1/2 tsp., cumin powder 1/2tsp., curry leaf 1 sprig.
Cook the ingredients in a little water till pieces are soft. Reduce
flame add whisked 3 cups curd, combine well, allow to just bubble.
For garnishing....
Cooking oil 2 tsp., cumin seeds 1/4tsp.,garlic clove 1, chopped, dried red chilly 2, curry leaf 1 sprig.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in garlic, red chilly,saute till aroma spreads, add cumin seeds, saute till fried, add curry leaves, allow to splatter.

Transfer pineapple curd to a serving bowl and pour the garnished mixture over, Garnish with chopped cilantro. While serving mix the curd and serve with plain rice.

Sprouted moong dal masala with tomato

Moong Dal 1 cup, soak over night, drain water, allow to sprout for 12-24 hours as required.
Steam cook for seven minutes and keep aside.
Onion small 1,garlic cloves 2,both finely chopped, tomato big 1,chopped, cilantro chopped
1 tbsp., turmeric powder a pinch, chenna masala 1 tsp., garam masala a pinch, salt to taste,
coconut milk, thin ,1/2 cup, cooking oil 1 tsp.
Heat oil in a shallow wok, drop in onion and garlic, saute till tender, add tomato, saute till
cooked, add salt, masala powders and saute for 30 seconds. Add cooked moong dal, cilantro,
saute for two minutes, add coconut milk, allow to bubble. Transfer to a serving bowl, garnish
with little cilantro and serve with chapatti.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chicken Puffs

Chicken breast 1 lb., cut into small pieces and cook adding enough salt and a pinch of turmeric powder. Keep aside.
Onion 1, ginger 1 inch piece, green chilly 2, remove seeds, garlic cloves 3,all finely chopped.
Pepper powder 1/2 tsp., garam masala 1/3 tsp., cilantro chopped 1 tbsp., cooking oil 2 tbsp.,
salt to taste.
Ready made puff sheets as required.
Heat oil in a wok, drop in onion, garlic and ginger, saute till aroma spreads, add green chilly,
salt to taste, pepper powder, garam masala and chicken. Saute till the mix blend. Add cilantro
stir for 30 seconds and puff mix is ready. Allow to cool.
Take puff sheets, cut to desirable shape and size, fill with required mix, fold it as desired and
place in a 375 degree preheated oven. Bake 30 minutes till golden brown.
Serve hot with cinnamon tea.

Potato meat ball masala

Ready made chicken meat balls 2 dozen ,potato 3, tomato 1 cubed, garlic cloves 5,
ginger 2 inch piece, onion 1 , all three finely chopped, chicken masala 2 tsp., salt to taste,
pepper powder 1/2tsp., cooking oil 2 tbsp., cilantro chopped 1 tbsp., green chilly 1.
Cook potato ,cool it, peel and cube it, keep aside.
Heat oil in a shallow wok, drop in onion, garlic and ginger, sauté till aroma spreads.
Add meat balls ,sauté and cook for 5 minutes, add masala, pepper powder ,salt and
tomato ,sauté till tomato is tender , add potato, stir well, allow to blend the mix in low flame.
Transfer to a serving bowl ,garnish with cilantro and green chilly. Serve with nan/ roti/ bread.


Urd Dal pakoda

Urd Dal 1 cup, soak for 5-6 hours, grind it adding little water to get a semi thick batter.
(Or can use uzhunnu vada mix.)
Green chilly 1,ginger 1 inch piece, curry leaf 1 sprig, scallion 2 leaves, all chopped finely,
salt to taste. Add the ingredients to the batter, mix well, keep for half an hour.
Heat required oil for deep fry in a wok, allow oil to heat, with hand or a spoon take a lime
size batter and drop into oil, fry it till golden brown.
Serve with coconut chutney for evening tea.
All will love this outer crispy inner soft snack.

Prawn biriyani

Basmati rice 1 cup, cooked in 2 cups water ,keep aside.
Prawns, 300gm, medium sized, peeled, deveined ,cleaned and cooked with salt to taste.
Carrot 2, chopped, cauliflower 1 small, flowers, separated and cut into small pieces, both steamed for three minutes, keep aside.
Onion 1, garlic cloves 3, both finely chopped, tomato 1, chopped, cilantro chopped 3 tbsp.
Mace a little, cloves 3, cinnamon 2 cm stick, broken, fennel seeds 1/2tsp., biryani masala 2 tsp.
Cooking oil 1 tbsp., salt to taste, pepper powder 1/3tsp., turmeric powder a pinch.
Heat oil in a shallow pan, drop in spices, allow to splash, add onion and garlic, sauté till aroma spreads, add tomato and 2tbspn.cilantro ,sauté till tender, add biryani masala, stir for 30 seconds
add prawns, pepper powder and turmeric, stir 3 minutes enabling prawns to blend with masala,
add steamed vegetable, salt to taste and combine well, reduce flame, add rice, mix well.
Transfer to a serving bowl, garnish with balance cilantro, serve with cucumber salad.