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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Home made breakfast buffet

This delightful breakfast was prepared for my son in law's, North Indian friends, who visited us at SA, USA. They have heard about our Kerala breakfast and the dishes were their preference.
Dishes clockwise from left , Ila ada, a rice flour item prepared in banana leaves with sweet mix of
jiggery and grated coconut inside, appam, stew in coconut milk, banana and wheat puttu.
In the center three items in a platter, which have banana fritters, Dal vadai and grated coconut egg omelette.
 They loved Kerala's authentic breakfast dishes.

Surprise birthday dinner

On my daughters birthday, the surprise dinner for her back from office.
The dishes clock wise from extreme right, chicken roast, sambar, chilli fish, fish fry, Dal curry,
sautéed okra, cucumber yogurt curry, avail and chapatti.
 Extreme left plain rice, behind plain yogurt, right milky cake, and top kesari a sweet dish.
She loved the dinner.

Puttu delights at the restaurant De Puttu at Edapally

Puttu combo

Meat puttu (Irachi puttu)
 When our son from Australia was on holidays visiting us at Aluva, we thought of having Puttu delight for lunch at De Puttu, Edapally.
On 20th December 2015, we made it.
Puttu combo, a delicious dish with puttu in the shape of heart along with veggies and four sides of egg roast, veggie salad, chicken dry roast and banana in sugar syrup.
It's tasty and a balanced full meal with carbohydrates, protiens, vitamins and minerals.

Clockwise....Puttu combo, Irachi puttu, fish puttu, and tapioca puttu in fish curry

My husband and son at De Puttu, Edapally
Irachi puttu was my grandson's preference.
Soft and delicious with beef roast, grated coconut and chopped cilantro.
Nice and we loved it.

Fish puttu will be the delight for sea food lovers.
Tapioca puttu was the star with
delicious fish curry.


Thanks Giving Lunch at SA,USA.

With great pleasure, sharing my experience of the " Thanks Giving Lunch", we had with our daughter at San Antonio, USA at Luby's.
We have the option to choose the dishes.
The following are the menu we selected.
The lunch include turkey, ham, corn, pasta, steamed veggies,
pickled olive, cucumber and chillies, mashed potato, fried okra, bread butter jam and cakes were the delights.
The queue for the lunch itself explains the taste.
The whole family of great grand parents and great grand kids was a real feast for the eyes while in queue.
my daughter

me in the center
It was really heavenly.

Crab stir fry

Cooked crab meat 500 grams, onion 2, ginger 2 inch piece, garlic cloves 7, all three thinly sliced,
green chilli 3, silted, coconut oil 2 tbsp., red chilli flake 2 tsp., salt to taste, chopped cilantro 1 tbsp.

Heat oil in a wok, drop in onion, garlic, and ginger, sauté till light brown, add green chilli, salt and
chilli flakes, stir for a minute in low flame, add cooked crab, combine well, allow to remain in low flame for five minutes to absorb the extra juice if any. Add chopped cilantro, mix well, transfer into
a serving bowl.
 Serve with rice or roti.