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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jackfruit seed upma

Jackfruit seed 500gm,peeled,cooked and grinded,grated coconut 11/2cups,onion 1,chopped,ginger 3inch piece, chopped,green chilly 3,cut into small rings,curry leaf 1 sprig,coconut oil 2tblspn,dried chilly 2,broken,mustard seeds 1/2tspn,urd dal splits 2tspn.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in,dried chilly,urd dal and mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add curry leaves,followed by onion,green chilly and ginger,saute till light brown,add jackfruit seed,mix well,add salt to taste,add cocout,combine well,serve hot.

Jackfruit seed mango curry

Jackfruit seed,peeled and sliced 2cups,mango 1,peeled and sliced,onion 1,sliced,
green chilly 5,slited,curry leaf 1 sprig,turmeric 1/2tspn,chilly powder 2tspn,coriander powder 1tspn,asafoetida and fenugreek powder ,1/4 tspn each,salt to taste.Cook the ingredients in a wok.
Grated coconut 1cup,grind to a smooth paste.Add coconut paste to the cooked ingredients,allow to
boil in low flame.
For seasoning
coconut oil 2tspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,dried chilly 1,broken into pieces,curry leaves.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in dried chilly followed by mustard seeds,allow to splatter.add curry leaves,
pour the mix in the curry,stir and serve with rice.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Simple south kerala sadya

a simple Kerala sadya
This includes mango pickle, ginger curry, bitter gourd little gourd mizhukkupuratty, cabbage thoran,
avial, beetroot pachadi, parippu and papadum, sambar, curd, pradhaman and rice. Prepared for mom's birthday.

mom on her birthday

Jack fruit seed pradhaman

Jackfruit seed 2kg,peeled,cooked,
chopped and grinded to smooth powder.Care should be taken to avoid bits as seen in picture,sort and powder it also.
Jaggery 1kg,powdered,coconut 4,
grated,squeeze milk in a mixi,seperate 1st,2nd and 3rd milk,1/2lt,1lt and 3ltrs respectively.Dried ginger powder 2tblspn,cardamom powder 2tspn,ghee 100ml,raisins and cashew nuts 50gm each,salt a pinch,sago balls 100gm,soaked for 3 hours.
Take a thick bottomed brass vessel,mix powdered jackfruit seed in 3rd milk,50ml ghee,soaked chowari(sago),put on flame,stir continously,not to stick on bottom of vessel,add jaggery,stir till it forms thick,add 2nd milk,stir till thick,add 1st milk,dried ginger,salt and cardamom powder.Stir well,
till it arrives a semithick consistency.Garnish with ghee fried raisins and cashewnuts along with the ghee.It is really delicious.

Jack fruit seed bittergourd stir fry(chakkakuru pavakka mizhukkupuratty)

Jack fruit seed 500gm,peeled,thinly sliced,washed and cooked.Bittergourd 300gm,thinly sliced,
onion 1,thinly sliced,green chilly 4,slited,curry leaf 1 sprig,cooking oil 2 tblspn.
Heat oil in a pan,add onion,saute till light brown,add bittergourd,saute till half cooked,add cooked jack fruit seed and salt to taste,saute till the ingredients combine well,add curry leaf,mix and serve.