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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Protien Dosai

Black gram 1/4cup,ponni rice 1cup,ground nut 1/4cup,toordal 1/4cup,fenugreek seeds 2tspn,soak the ingredients in water for 4 hours,grind to a soft batter,add 2tspn,cumin seed,grind for a minute,keep for 3hours.Add salt to taste,add a sprig of chopped curry leaves,1tspn asafoetida powder,mix well.Heat dosai tawa,take a ladleful batter,spread round,drizzle 1tspn sesame oil over the dosai,when one side done,flip the dosai and cook the other side.Serve with coconut chutney.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kovakka vathal(little gourd)

Sun dried little gourd.
pic 2
Little gourd 250gm,cleaned,dried,cut into thin rings,sprinkle salt to taste and sun dry for 2 days.Store in air tight containers.(pic 1)
Deep fry till golden brown,serve hot with rice along curd.
Children love to eat this vegetable chips.

vazhuthinanga vathal(brinjal)

Sun dried brinjal.
pic 2
pic 1
Brinjal 250gm,cut into thin pieces,sprinkle salt to tsate,sun dry 2 days,store in air tight containers,(pic 1)
Deep fry till golden brown,serve hot with rice along curd.

Vendakkai vathal(lady's finger)

Summer special vathal,vegetable can be sun dried and stored.
Lady's finger 250gm,washed,dried,cut into thin rings,sprinkle salt to taste,sun dried for 2 days.Can store in air tight containers for more then six months.(pic 1)

pic 2
pic 1

Deep fry till golden brown ,serve hot with rice along with curd.

Jack fruit seed masala

Jack fruit seeds 250gm,peeled,cleaned,sliced and cooked with salt to taste.
Shallots 15,sliced,green chilly 2,sliced,garlic ginger paste 1tspn,chicken masala 1tspn,
garam masala a pinch,cooking oil 1tblspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,dried chilly 1,broken,
curry leaf 1sprig.
Heat oil in a shallow pan,drop in dried chilly bits,mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add
curry leaves,add shallots,garlic ginger paste,saute till light brown,add green chilly and
 masala,stir for 30 sec,add cooked jack fruit seed,combine well saute for 2 min and
remove to serving bowl.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Raw cashewnut theeyal

Raw cashewnuts 40,cut ,take out nuts,split to halves,put in fresh water,to avoid staining.Onion 1,
sliced,drumstick 2,2"splits,potato 1,2" slices,green chilly 3,slited,salt to taste.Cook the ingredients,add curry leaves,keep aside.(pic 3)

pic 3
Grated coconut 1 cup,red chilly 7,coriander, 2tspn,tamarind
 a gooseberry size,curry leaf 1/2sprig,dry fry,the ingredients,
to medium brown,grind it to a
smooth paste,add a pinch
turmeric powder,add the mix to
the cooked,allow to boil and form a semi thick consistency.
Cooking oil 2tspn,mustard seed 1/4tspn,dried chilly 2,broken,curry leaf.Heat oil in a shallow pan,add dried chilly,mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add curry leaves,pour mix over theeyal,stir and serve.

Mackeral drumstick curry

Mackeral 1/2 kg,cleaned and cut into pieces,green chilly 5,slited,drumstick 3,3inch splits,mango 1,sliced.
Grated coconut 1cup,turmeric 1/4tspn,chilly powder 2tspn,shallots 4,garlic cloves 2,grind the
ingredients to a smooth paste.In an earthern pot mix the paste in 2 cups water,add ginger,salt to taste
allow to boil,add fish pieces,when half cooked,add green chilly and drumstick,cook well,add little
curry leaves,swirl the pot,curry readybto serve after an hour.

Jack fruit seed drumstick combination

Jack fruit seed 1/2kg,peeled and sliced,drum stick 4,cut into 3inch splits,turmeric powder 1/3tspn,
cook jack fruit seeds,when 3/4th done,add turmeric,drumstick,salt to taste ,cook and keep aside.Grated coconut 1cup,cumin seed 1/3tspn,garlic clove 1,shallots 2,grind the ingredients to a coarse mix,add the mix on the cooked veggies,combine throughly,allow to heat in low flame.
Heat a pan,add 2tspn cooking oil,add mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add curry leaves,pour the
mix over cooked .

Crab curry

pic 2
pic 1

Mud crab 1kg,cleaned,seperate legs, cut the whole crab into pieces.(pic 1),Steam cook legs(pic2), separate flesh, keep aside. Onion 2, sliced,cruhed garlic 1tspn,ginger1inch piece, chopped, green chilly 4, silted, pepper powder 1/2tspn,turmeric powder 1/3tsp., coriander powder 1tsp., chilly powder 11/2tsp., cooking oil 1tblspn, curry leaf 2sprigs, salt to taste, coconut milk 2cups..Heat an earthen pot, add cooking oil, drop in onion, sauté till light brown, add chillies, ginger, garlic, half curry leaves, sauté till aroma spreads, add curry powders, sauté for a minute,
add crab pieces, mix well, add salt, simmer flame, add little water and cook. Add coconut milk, adjust salt, swirl the pot, add leg flesh, mix well, add curry leaf.

Netholi rasam(anchovy rasam)

Cleaned anchovies handful,
Tamarind concentrate 1tspn,crushed garlic 1tspn,chopped ginger 1/2tspn,chilly powder 1tspn,
coriander powder 1/2tspn,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,asafoetida powder 1/3tspn,fenugreek powder
1/4tspn,salt to taste,curry leaf 1sprig.
Mix the ingredients except anchovies in 4cups water in a mud wok,allow to boil,add anchovies,
allow to cook.
Coconut oil 2tspn,dried chilly 2,broken into pieces,mustard seeds 1/2tspn,curry leaf 1sprig.
Heat a shallow pan,add oil,drop in dried chilly,mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add curry leaves.Pour the seasoned mix over rasam.Excellent with white rice.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chakkamadal molakushyam(base of jackfruit flesh)

pic 3
Jackfruit base as in pic 2. Chop into small pieces as in pic 3. Toordal (sambar parippu)1cup, pressure cook dal, add jackruit base, salt to taste add cook soft, combine to a soft mix. Keep it aside.
pic 2
Coconut grated 1 cup, cumin seeds 1/2tsp., turmeric powder 1/2tsp., chilly powder 1/2tsp., grind the ingredients smoothly. Add the mix to cooked ingredients, mix well.
For garnishing-shallots 3, cut into thin rings, red chilly 2, broken, curry leaf 1 sprig.
pic 4
Heat a wok , add 2 tspn coconut oil, add shallots and dried chilly, allow to be light brown , add curry leaves, pour the mix over curry.


Chakkaavial(jack fruit avial)

jackfruit flesh 1kg,salt to taste,grinded coconut mix,put the contents in a shallow wok,add 3/4cup water,allow to cook in low flame.When cooked combine the mix,add 3/4tblspn coconut oil,little curry leaves,combine well.Care should be taken not to over cook.
For coconut mix-grated coconut 1 cup,turmeric powder 1/3tspn,chilly powder 1/4tspn,shallots 2,garlic clove 1.

Chakkakuzhachathu(jack fruit)

Jackfruit flesh 1kg,slice into 3inch
pieces,salt to taste.Take a shallow wok,along with a cup of water add jack fruit and salt,allow to cook. Grated coconut 1 cup,cumin seeds 1/3tspn,shallots 2,garlic cloves 2,turmeric powder 1/2tspn,chilly powder 1/2tspn.
Grind the ingredients to a coarse texture.While steam comes out,put the grinded coconut mix on top of the jackfruit,allow to cook in low flame.When cooked,combine the mix thoroughly,add a tbl spn coconut oil,a sprig curry leaf,
combine mix again,serve with rice or have it seperately with chutney.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unakkachemeen curry(dried prawn)

Dried prawns 100gm,dry fired,cleaned and washed,
Green mango 1,skinned,cut into slender pieces,amaranthus (green)stem,cut into
3 inch length,onion 1,sliced,green chilly 5,slited,curry leaf 1sprig.
Add all the ingredients in enough water in an earthern wok and allow to cook.
Grated coconut 1 cup,shallots 2,garlic clove 3,turmeric powder 1/3tspn,chilly
powder 2 tspn,coriander powder 1tspn,grind all to a fine paste,add the mix to
the cooked prawns,mix well,allow to boil in low flame.
Heat 2tspn coconut oil in a pan,drop in broken dried chilly and mustard seeds,allow
 to crackle,add more curry leaves and add the seasoned mix on the curry.

Kuppacheera thoran

After the reciept of summer showers,this local spinach will come up in homesteads.
It's full of fibre compared to cultivated varieties.Taste is so good.So why not to try?

Kuppacheera 1bunch,pick of flowers,seeds if any,wash,strain,chop finely and keep
aside.Grated coconut 1cup,green chilly 2,cumin seeds1/4tspn,garlic cloves 3,turmric
powder 1/4tspn,grind the ingredients to a coarse texture,keep aside.
Onion 1,finely chopped,coconut oil 1tblspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,dried chilly 1.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in broken dried chilly followed by mustard seeds,allow to
splatter,add onion,saute till light brown,add cheera,saute till cooked,add coconut
mix and salt to taste,mix well and serve.
Onion will give smoothness to the thoran.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Semia Upma

Roasted semia 200gm,onion 1,ginger 2inch,green chilly 2,all 3 chopped,urd dal 1tblspn,
mustard seed 1/3 tspn,coconut oil 1tblspn,ghee 1tspn,curry leaf 1 sprig,coriander leaves
chopped 1tblspn,red chilly 1,broken to 4pcs,hing 1/2tspn,grated coconut 1cup,salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in urd dal,red chilly,mustard seeds,allow mustard seeds to crackle,
add curry leaves followed by onion,ginger and green chilly,saute till light brown,add semia
and 3 cups boil water,ghee,salt and hing,mix well,add coconut,combine well.Garnish with
coriander leaves and serve with lemon pickle.