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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Meen Rasam ( Fish rasam )

Anchovy 200 gram, cleaned and each cut into two. Shallots 7, garlic cloves 5, ginger 1" piece,
bird's chilly 10, all crushed, chilly powder 1 tsp., turmeric powder 1/3 tsp., coriander powder
1/2 tsp., coconut paste 1/2 cup, tamarind concentrate, 2 tsp., salt to taste, curry leaf 2 sprigs.
Mix the ingredients in an earthen pot in enough water, allow to boil and cook well. Allow
 the mix to combine well. Adjust salt.
Garnish with seasoning of mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, shallot rings and curry leaves.
Mix well and serve with rice.


Rice balls with Chicken roast ( Pidiyum Kozhiyum )

Rice balls with chicken roast
Rice balls ( Pidi )
Fried rice powder 1 kilogram, cumin seeds 2 tsp., fried and crushed, salt to taste,
coconut 1, grated.
Sprinkle boiled water into rice powder, mix well, add cumin, salt to taste, more
water, half coconut combine well to form a soft dough. Keep for an hour. When
 cooled form gooseberry size balls. Heat water in a wok, add salt to taste, add
rice balls one by one, allow to boil, when cooked, reduce flame, add grated
coconut, allow to bubble for 10 minutes, pidi is ready. Allow to cool. Serve
along with the remaining thick juice with spicy chicken roast.
Rice balls ready


Dried anchovy chutney

Dried anchovy 100 grams, cleaned, tamarind a small gooseberry size, Kashmiri chilly 15,
pepper 1/2 tsp., garlic cloves 6, shallots 6, both sliced, curry leaf 3 sprigs, salt to taste,
Coconut 1, grated.
Dry fry anchovy and keep aside, dry fry all other ingredients. Allow to cool. Grind in a
mixer to a coarse texture, grind anchovy, mix both and grind again, adjust salt.
Keep in an air tight glass container. Can store for about 7 days.

Carrot chicken

Chicken 300 gram, cut into small pieces, Carrot 100 gram, sliced round, Onion 1, thinly sliced,
Garlic cloves 12, crushed, grated ginger 1 tbsp., green chilly 3, crushed, chicken masala 2 tsp.,
pepper powder 1 tsp., vegetable oil 1/4 cup, tomato sauce 2 tbsp., lemon juice 1 tbsp., salt to taste.
Marinate chicken with chicken masala, lemon juice and salt to taste. Refrigerate for three hours.
Heat oil in a shallow pan. Just fry the chicken pieces, take out and sauté carrot pieces sprinkled
with salt. Take out carrot pieces, drop in onion. sauté till tender, add crushed garlic, green chilly
and ginger. Sauté till cooked, add pepper powder followed by chicken and carrot, mix well,
sauté till cooked, add tomato sauce, adjust salt and transfer into a serving bowl.


Chilly Aloo ( Chilly Potato )

Potato large 2, cubed, Carrot  1, cubed, Capsicum 1, 2" pieces, onion 1, cubed,
Green chilly, silted and seeded, ginger garlic paste 2 tsp.,
Tomato sauce 2 tbsp., chilly sauce 2 tsp., soy sauce 1tsp.,
vegetable oil 2tbsp., pepper powder 1 tsp., salt to taste.
Steam cook potato and carrot, sprinkle salt, keep aside. Heat oil in a shallow pan,
drop in onion, sauté till tender, add green chilly and ginger garlic paste, sauté
till aroma spreads, add capsicum, sauté for 2 minutes add sauces and
cooked potato and carrot. Reduce flame sauté for 5 minutes.
Adjust salt, transfer into a serving bowl.