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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vada Pav

During our trip to Mumbai from Pune,at Lonavala,our friend couple offered hot coffee.
It was right time to get down,stretch and have a light refreshment.I saw the menu card
and ordered vadapav.On the first bite I fall in love with vadapav.Excellent snack to
get rid of fatigue.Children will like it.
Preparation of potato patty
Potato 2, cubed,onion small 1.green chilly 2,garlic 2cloves all 3 chopped.
Cook the ingredients.In a pan heat a tblspn cooking oil,put a pinch of mustard seeds,
allow to splatter,and little curry leaves,a pinch turmeric powder and salt to taste,
add potato mix,combine together.
Basin flour 1/2 cup,a pinch each of turmeric powder and hing.Add salt to taste.
Prepare a thick batter adding enough water.
Divide potato mix to lemon sized balls.Spread on hand,dip in the batter,deep fry
in hot oil.
Place the vada in between small square breads(pav/laddi),sprinkle your favourite chat
masala and have it warm with hot coffee or tea,WOW it's superb.....

Polameen fry and curry

fish fry
Polameen 1kg,cut into desirable size,wash,take half pieces,make cuts,allow to drain.
Chilly powder 2tspn,pepper powder 1tspn,turmeric powder 1/3tspn,fennel powder
1/2tspn,garlic and ginger paste 1tspn each,salt to taste.Mix ingredients ,marinate
fish pieces,refrigerate for 3hours.
Heat oil as required in a pan,fry fish and serve hot with rice.
fish curry
Chillies 12,coriander 1tspn,fenugreek 1/4tspn,dry fry the ingredients,grind them along with 10 shallots,1/3tspn turmeric powder to a fine taste.Take 2 cups of water in an earthern pot,add 5 cloves of garcinia cambogia(kudampuli),salt to taste and masala paste.Mix together,allow to
boil ,add fish pieces,cook well,add curry leaves and a tbl spn coconut oil.Swirl the pot ,simmer flame,allow to bubble.
Serve with hot rice.
Polameen fry rates up than curry.

Dried prawn mango chutney

Dried prawn 1/2 cup,dry fried,cleaned ,washed and drained,keep aside.
Grated coconut 2cups,mango medium 1,skinned and cut into pieces,
chilly powder 2tspn,shallots,4,galangal(manga inchi)2inch,green chilly 1,
garlic cloves 2,salt to taste,curry leaf 1/2sprig.
Grind all the ingredients together to form a ball.Garnish with curry leaves.

Green rice

Parboiled white rice 2cups, cooked ,care should be taken not to over cook. Keep aside.
Mint leaves 1 cup, coriander leaves,1/4cup, curry leaf(tender)2sprigs, garlic
cloves 2, shallots 10, green chilly 3, salt to taste, grind the ingredients to a paste.

Green pepper 1 spike, cooking oil 3tbsp., curry leaf 1 sprig, coriander leaves chopped 1 tbsp.
Heat oil in pan, add pepper berries, curry leaves, allow to splatter, add green paste, saute
well till raw smell vanishes, simmer flame, add rice, combine well. Adjust salt. Run a fork to mix
perfectly.Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve with fish or chicken curry.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Local green tea

At Arunachal our host served tea which has high digestive properties.The tender tea leaves is
packed in bamboo stalks,which is tightly pressed to get a thick pack.The top is covered and placed
on a net just above open fire stove. Roll around frequently to get heat and after 3 -4 months,the green bamboo
pic 2
stalks turn brownish black,(pic 1) ,which indicates the tea mix is ready.Tea resembles a cylindrical rock piece.(pic 2)

pic 1
Back home I prepared tea in a mud pot ,take 2 lits water,add a 4 inch piece tea,allow to boil (pic 3)and remain on low
flame(pic 4)Drink as and when required.
At Arunachal the preparation of tea  is in aluminium kettle.Once started,will continue for 3 days adding water only,on 4th day add more tea,continue till 2 weeks.Then they throw away the whole thing and prepare fresh.They use to sip the tea through out they are awake.They prepare in kettles.It seems the kettle is in service, 24hrs a day.(pic 5).
pic 3
pic 4
pic 5

Stewed prawn

Back home from Assam I tried at my home Aluva with prawns.
It came out well,we had it hot.
Put a cut on prawn and devein.
Pass the prawns through a rod,sprinkle salt,stew on open fire.

Fishhead stewed over open fire...

This dish goes to VIPs of the group. Once in a while  only they go for big fish from markets. It's expensive also.
The head is halved and cleaned. Preparation very simple
like korikha. Sprinkle salt and cook over fire. They use teakwood twigs as firewood. The smell of the fire is graceful. The direct stewed fish head is so crispy and tasty just like eating chips.

Stewed fish

This small fish, the women, use to
catch by their own from the streams and ponds nearby. Daily they will have catch. When got more it be dried and kept.
This dish is also a starter. Descaled fish is marinated with salted tomato chilly paste and placed in between the bamboo splits and stewed over fire, serve hot.

Chicken korikha

 Chicken cut into small pieces with small bones.Pass the chicken
through a rod,sprinkle salt around
the pieces,cook on open fire.
This is also a starter dish.

Fish korikha

A starter dish from Arunachal.
Very simple to prepare. Only river
fish is available in Arunachal Pradesh.
Cut the fish into desirable
size. Wash, pat dry, put the pieces in between a special 2 line bamboo sticks, tight, sprinkle salt
on the fish, stew directly on fire.
Teakwood is used as firewood.
Fish korikha is very tasty and healthy. If required dip in a sauce and have. Even otherwise yummy.

Baby tomato chutney

A dish tasted at Arunachal Pradesh.
Baby tomato a handful,green chilly 12, pierce it on a rod, stew both seperately.
Ginger 3 inch piece. Crush chillies and ginger, add it on crushed tomato, add salt to taste. It is really tasty. Served with bamboo rice and boiled fish.

Boiled chicken

A dish from Arunachal Pradesh.
Chicken 2 kg,cut into small pieces.Fermented bamboo shoot 7 tblspn,green chilly 25,crushed,
garlic 6 cloves crushed,spring onion 5 sprigs,chopped,salt to taste,coriander leaves chopped
half handful.
In a wok,take enough water,allow to boil,add the ingredients except coriander leaves,allow to boil,
add chicken,cook well,add coriander leaves,serve hot with rice.

Boiled fish

A special dish from Arunachal Pradesh. The base is fermented bamboo shoots concentrate.
River fish, katla, 2kg, cut into large pieces. Take enough water in a wok, allow to boil, add
7tbsp., full fermented bamboo shoots, 25 crushed green chillies, allow to boil, add fish pieces, salt,  2sprigs curry leaves, a handful chopped spring onion. When cooked, add some chopped coriander
leaves. Serve with hot boiled rice.

Bamboo rice

Me and my husband went to Arunachal Pradesh, where happened to be guest of a tribal
family for dinner and lunch. I would like to share the dishes we had. Here they prepared
short grained rice in bamboo.
Short grained rice 1kg,washed and soaked for 3hours.Drain the rice, sprinkle salt to taste.
pic 2
Fill the bamboo cuttings with the rice ,cover top side with stewed banana leaf bit, cook
it on open fire. When the bamboo turned black in colour ,allow to cool. Cooked rice is
pic 3
kept on the right side of the picture. Cut outer portion with a strong knife, leaving a thin cover.(pic 2)
Remove the outer cover, break rice pieces and serve.(pic 3)Locally they prefer to serve with fish, chicken or pork. The cooked rice is soft, covered with a thin membrane of bamboo casing. Really it's yummy.

Assam vegetable lunch

During our visit to Assam ,we had a vegetable lunch in a hotel named 2Y K.I like to
share this in my blog.The meal was,simple,delicious and highly nutritious.Served in
brass plate was it's highlight.It contains dal vegetable fry,spinach-pea fry,potato subji,
mustard chutney,mint chutney,dal potato curry and mussuri dal curry.For a crispy,
spicy touch,onion,green chilly and lime was served.
Really it is superb on presentation,taste,nutrients and fibre.

Pork curry

Pork meat 2kg, cut into pieces, mustard paste 1tbsp.,salt to taste. Marinate meat with the ingredients.
Keep for 2 hours. Potato 1/2kg, cut into cubes, onion 1/2kg, chopped, ginger paste, garlic paste, both
2 tbsp. each, tomato 250gm, chopped, green chilly 7,slited,cooking oil 1 tbsp., mustard seeds
1/2tspn, curry leaf 2 sprigs, chilly powder 1tbsp., coriander powder 1tbsp.,black pepper powder
1tsp.,garam masala 2tsp., coconut milk 2 cups, coconut flakes 1/4cup. Heat oil in a wok,
drop in mustard seeds, allow to crackle, add coconut flakes and curry leaves, ginger garlic paste,
sauté for 2 minutes, add onion, sauté till light brown, add tomato ,green chilly, masala except garam masala, sauté to remove raw smell, add meat ,combine well and pressure cook. When pressure vents,
add potato, cook, adjust salt, simmer flame, add coconut milk, allow to bubble, serve with rice.

Puzhameen varuthathu( River fish fry)

Any river fish, like katla or rohu 1kg.Clean the fish and cut into pieces. Wash the pieces
in tamarind juice and salt in order to get rid of mud taste from fish. Drain fish to get
dry. Turmeric powder 1/4tspn,chilly powder 2tspn,pepper powder 1tspn,fennel powder
1/2tspn,ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp., vinegar 1 sp. and salt to taste. Mix the ingredients
together ,marinate fish pieces, refrigerate for 4 hours.
Cooking oil required to fry. Heat oil in a shallow pan, deep fry fish pieces, serve hot with
vegetable salad.

Curd rice

Sona masuri rice 1 cup,cook in 11/4cups water,spread on a tray,allow to cool.
Coconut oil 2tspn,green chilly 2,cut into rings,urd dal 1tspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn.
curry leaf 1/sprig,salt to taste,boiled cow milk 1 1/2cups,curd 1tspn.
Heat oil in a pan,add urd dal,mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add curry leaves,
green chilly,saute till,light brown,add the mix to rice,mix well.Transfer rice to

lime pickle
packing case,pour milk,add curd,make sure the rice is cool enough to close
with it's lid.Curd rice will be ready by overnight.Can have with pickles, pappad and fries.

pappad n bittergourd fry

Easy chicken fry

Boneless chicken cubes 500gm, lime 1,squeeze juice, pepper powder 1/2tsp., Kashmir chilly powder 1tspn,turmeric powder 1/4tsp., fennel seed powder 1/2tsp., salt to taste. Mix the ingredients together
and marinate chicken, keep for 3 hours.
Garlic 12 cloves, halved, green chilly 7, cut into rings, cooking oil 4tblsp., curry leaf 1 sprig.
Heat oil in a pan, add chicken pieces and curry leaves, sauté well, close with a lid, cook in low flame
 for ten minutes. Add garlic and green chilly, stir well, cook for another five minutes.
Nice dish for travel food pack.

Dry coconut chutney

Coconut 1,grated and sun dried for 3hours.
Red chilly 7,sun dried,tamarind a little to taste,salt to taste,cumin seeds a pinch.
Coconut oil 2tspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,red chilly 1,curry leaf 1/2sprig,asafoetidae a pinch.
Grind coconut,red chilly.tamarind,salt and cumin seeds to a coarse mix.
Heat oil in a pan,add broken red chilly, mustard seeds and curry leaves.
When mustard seeds crackle add chutney mix,stir till the mix get dried.Add asafoetida powder.
Mix well.Excellent with idli,dosai,aappam,curd rice and lime rice,especially for take away
food packs.

Trimurthi mizhukkuperatti

Cabbage, chopped 2cups,carrot 11/2 cups, beans 1 cup, green chilly 7slited,curry leaf 1sprig,
onion 1,chopped,cooking oil 2tblspn,salt to taste, garlic 6cloves,chopped,turmeric powder 1/4tspn.
Steam the vegetables for 3 minutes. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, allow to splatter, add
curry leaves, onion ,garlic, saute till aroma comes out, add green chilly, turmeric powder, add
vegetables, combine well, allow to cook in low flame, add salt, saute and serve with rice and curd.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Nadan curry(jack fruit seed,drumstick and mango)

Jack fruit seeds 2handful,deskinned,mango 1 small,drumstick 2,all three cut
into slender pieces,green chilly 4slited,salt to taste.Cook the ingredients in enough water just to
cover the veggies when cooked.
Grated coconut 3/4cup,cumin seeds 1/4tspn,shallots 3,grinded to a fine paste.Add the mix to
cooked veggies,allow to boil in low flame.
Garnish the curry with mustard,dried chilly seasoned mix in coconut oil.Good for rice.

Dry coconut chutney

Grated coconut 2 cups,dried in direct sun for 4 -5hours.
Fried red chilly 7,urd dal 2tblspn,hing 1/3tspn,salt to taste,
grated jaggery 1tblspn.
Grind all the ingredients to chutney.
Excellent for dosai,idli,lime and curd rice.

Jamun coconut (thoran)

Jamun 1 cup,clean,remove seeds,chop into small bits,onion 1 large,finely chopped,both
to keep aside.
grated coconut 3/4cup,green chilly 2,cumin seeds 1/4tspn,coriander powder 1/4tspn,
grind the ingredients to a coarse mix.
cooking oil 2 tblspn,mustard seeds 1/3tspn,dried chilly 1,broken,curry leaf 1 sprig.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in dried chilly,mustard seeds,allow to crackle,add curry leaf,
onion,saute till light brown,add jamun,salt to taste,combine well,allow to half cook,add
coconut mix,stir well for a minute and serve hot with rice.

coconut jaggery balls

Prepared from byproduct of virgin coconut oil.
Byproduct of virgin coconut oil 4cups,grated jaggery 2 cups,fried cumin crushed 1tblspn,cardamom
powder 1tspn,ghee 2 tspns.
Melt jaggery in a shallow wok,strain to remove any impurities.Add rest of the ingredients into
jaggery,combine well,and form balls while hot.Allow to cool and serve.


Virgin coconut oil

Coconut 5,grate,squeeze milk in a mixi adding little water.
Pour coconut milk in a thick bottom shallow wok and allow to boil in low flame.
Continous stiring is required until oil seperates and becomes clear.Fried coconut
 milk byproduct of oil is to be seperated by keeping aside and allow oil to flow down.
When cooled collect oil in a clean,air tight bottle.
This oil is excellent compared to any baby oil in the market.
250 ml of oil can be extracted from 5 coconuts.