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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Ona Sadhya

Ona Sadhya with all items

2016 Onam for us was in USA. Thiruonam was on Wednesday, so a working day. Our daughter and son in law both were working. Son in law is working in another State and so he was not able to come home. We made a plan to celebrate Onam. If there are some one to enjoy we can prepare Sadhya. Invited friends from our daughter's office for lunch and our Ona Sadhya was really grand.
Thank you all our friends and your family for making this Onam delicious and great.
I prepared twenty five items and were served in banana leaves in our traditional style. Each curry on rice has it's own sides to go. Since our invitees were not Malayalees it was a great pleasure for us to explain the way of having Sadhya. The due interest to learn and enjoy the Sadhya by our guest really thrilled us. We were really honoured and blessed with your presence for making our Onam in USA beautiful. Thank you, my dear daughter for making the event great and grand.

Happy Onam

A lovely Salad

Mango (less sour) 1, cucumber 1, carrot 2, sweet peppers 3, (orange, yellow and red colours), all sliced thinly. Lemon juice 3 tbsp., honey 2 tbsp., salt to taste.
Combine well. Lovely dish to substitute even lunch.
If you prefer add some fruits or nuts like almonds/ cashews/ raisins.

Simple Mediterranean Biryani with chicken

This simple lunch we had in the food court at Abu Dhabi during our transit stay to USA. I love biryani. So grab this simple Mediterranean  biryani.
Our biryani is a whole dish with chicken and rice with beautiful taste of our own spices and condiments.
Here it is totally different. The rice was so soft and scented with saffron. Of course the rice was slender and correctly cooked.
The chicken curry was too mild. Because of the light sauce in the curry it went well with the rice. Pickle and papadum doesn't seems to be an essential items as in Kerala biryani. Even though I can't rate it equal to our biryani the plus point was it is so good while travelling with the required spices and condiments.
 I loved it and hope can have it in my return trip.

Carrot with scallions

Carrot 2 lbs., grated, Onion 1, grated, garlic cloves 4, finely chopped, turmeric powder 1/2tsp., chilli powder 1/2 tsp., grated coconut 1 cup, coconut oil 1 tbsp., red chilli 2, mustard seeds 1 tsp., urd dal( black lentil splits) 2 tbsp., cumin seeds 1/2 tsp., salt to taste, scallions 2 stalks, chopped.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in urd dal, allow to fry, add mustard and cumin seeds, allow to splutter, add red chill followed by onion and garlic. Sauté till tender, add turmeric and chilli powder, add carrot and combine well. Allow to cook in low flame, add salt and coconut. Mix well. Adjust salt. Add scallion and again mix well. Serve with rice.