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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Green veggies in coconut oil

Baby broccoli a bunch, snow peas a handful, asparagus a bunch, all sliced, onion 1, garlic cloves 6, both thinly sliced, coconut oil 2 tbsp., salt to taste.
Heat oil in wok, drop in onions and garlic, sauté till tender, add the veggies and salt combine well and allow to cook in medium flame. When cooked serve with rice, grilled fish or chicken.

Mushroom and snowpeas in a curry

Button mushroom 1lb., sliced, snow peas a handful, sliced, onion 1, ginger garlic paste 1 tsp., salt to taste, coconut oil 3 tbsp., chicken masala 1tbsp., coconut milk 1/2 cup.
Heat oil in wok, drop in onion, sauté till tender, add mushroom and snow peas, sauté till tender, add ginger garlic paste, salt and chicken masala, sauté till aroma spreads. Add 1/4 cup boiling water, allow the veggies to get cooked. Add coconut milk, allow to bubble, adjust salt and serve with chapatti.

Chicken vindaloo

Boneless chicken 2lbs. Marinate the chicken in salt and 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder and keep it refrigerate for an hour.
 Dried red chilli 10, garlic cloves 10, ginger 1 inch, shallots 10, cloves 6, cardamom 2, cinnamon stick 2 inch, pepper corns 12, cumin 1tbsp.,mustard seeds 1 tsp., salt to taste, vinegar 1/4 cup.
Soak the spices and condiments in the vinegar for about half an hour. Grind it and make a paste.
Coconut oil 1/4 cup. Heat oil in a shallow pan, add the spicy paste, sauté till aroma spreads. Add chicken pieces, combine well and allow to cook in medium and then low flame. When the juices from the chicken thickens and the oil starts to separate. it seem to be done. Adjust salt and serve with hot rice.

Simple Egg Roast

Eggs 8, boiled, peeled and silted.
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp., lemon juice 2 tbsp., salt to taste, red chilli 2, sliced diagonally, curry leaf 2 sprigs, coconut oil 1tbsp., garlic paste 1 tsp.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in curry leaves, allow to splatter, add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli and garlic paste. Sauté till aroma spreads out. Add the eggs, roll over, add lemon juice, roll over and over. Serve into a bowl. Garnish with the curry leaves and red chilli in the dish on the top to make the presentation beautiful. Excellent as an evening snack.

Brunch idea at a restaurant in Queensland

home made scones
 A delicious brunch we had at a mountain restaurant at QLD. It was a nice day when we started. After an hour we reached the beautiful reserve area, there it was raining. With our grandsons it was not possible for trekking. So what's next? Thought of spending some time having a chit chat. Then we found a family ran restaurant which serves homemade foods. Yes these are the dishes we had.

scone with jam and cream on it
With the fluffy cream and jam it was so delicious.

The steak was juicy and nicely cooked hot and crispy chips on lettuce leaves.
steak sandwich

The steak sandwich was a wholesome meal.
Kids all time favourite sausage roll was yummy. It was a great thing for me to taste all the western dishes.
sausage roll

Egg and Onion

Eggs 8, boiled and peeled, and silted, onion3, thinly sliced, curry leaf a sprig, pepper powder 1 tsp., salt to taste, coconut oil 2 tbsp.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in curry leaves, onion and salt, sauté till tender add pepper powder and eggs.
Sauté till eggs are light brown here and there.
Excellent delicious dish with breakfast.

Soul Food for a Feast....Kerala vegetarian Sadya.

This is a Kerala Onasadya prepared at Australia for our friends. Ready to serve.
The items from extreme right to left going on a zigzag way are Moong Dal curry ( parippu), Beetroot in yogurt(pachadi), Avial( mixed veggies), Sautéed beans(mizhukkupuratti), Sambar, ( Toordal veggie curry), ginger curry,(inchikoottan), pulissery, ( yogurt), Okra in yogurt,(vendakka pachadi), palada pradhaman,( rice flakes kheer), banana coated with jaggerry, ( sarkarapuratti),little gourd in coconut,(kovakka thoran, Rasam, mango pickle, lime pickle, cooked rice, pappadum, banana chips and parippu pradhaman(moong dal kheer).
  We serve this in banana leaves in Kerala. But served on plates because there were no banana leaves.