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Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicken curry

Chicken 500 gram, onion 1,sliced,garlic cloves 6,sliced,ginger 2inch pc, grated,
green chilly 2,silted
yogurt 1/4cup,turmeric powder 1/4 tsp., chilly powder1tspn,pepper powder 1 tsp.,
garam masala 1/2tspn,coriander powder11/2tspn,salt to taste, curry leaf 1 sprig,
cooking oil 1 tbsp.,
coconut milk 1 cup.
Soak curry powders except garam masala in yogurt with salt to taste.
Marinate chicken with the mix, keep for 2 hrs.
Heat oil in a shallow pan, drop in onion, saute till translucent, add ginger, garlic,
saute till aroma spreads, add 1/2 curry leaf, green chilly, chicken, mix well, allow to
cook, if getting dry add little boiled water, or diluted coconut milk.
When cooked simmer flame, add coconut milk, curry leaf, garam masala, mix well,
adjust salt, transfer to serving bowl, garnish with curry leaf and serve.
This curry is creamy, delicious, good with, chapatti, bread, appam, idiyappam and dosai pathiri.

Dosa pathiri

Raw rice 3 cups,urd dal 1/4 cup,fenugreek seeds 1/4 cup,soak over night,prepare
batter,grinding in a mixi.Keep for 4-6 hrs.Add 1 tblspn each of chopped ginger
and curry leaf bits.

Mix the batter ,add salt to taste.

Heat a dosai pan,brush with sesame oil,pour a large spoonful batter.

Cover with lid.Wait till cooked.Bubbles holes will appear when


Transfer dosai pathiri to serving plate.It's fluffy&tasty.

The best side dish is chicken curry.I prefer this dish for dinner.

Inspiration of dosai pathiri is from an ethinic dish of Wayanad ,that is Kallipputtu.

Bird's chilly pickle

Bird's chilly 1 cup,
Sugar 1 tblspn,
Lemon juice 1/2 cup,
Salt to taste
Combine the ingredients together,store in air tight glass container.
Good with rice and yogurt.
Refrigerate it after a week,can substitute in preparing coconut mix
for pullissery,thoran,avial etc.

Varutharacha sambar

Toordal 1 cup,
Elephant foot yam 100gm,potato 1,ash gourd 200 gm,onion 1 -all cubed,
shallots 100gm,halved,drumstick 1,cut into 6cm length,green chilly 4,slited
Tamarind concentrate  3/4tspn,turmeric powder 1/2tspn,chilly powder 1tspn,
coriander powder 1tspn,asafoetida powder 1/2tspn,fenugreek powder 1/4tspn,
grated coconut 1/3 cup,cooking oil 2 tspn,mustard seed 1/4tspn,fenugreek seeds
a pinch,dried chilly 2,curry leaf 2 sprigs,salt to taste.

Fry coconut till soft brown,remove from flame,add chilly,coriander and
fenugreek powders to the coconut,stir quickly to combine,allow to cool.
Cook toordal in a pressure cooker with turmeric powder.Take 1/4 cup of dal,
add to coconut mix,grind it in a mixi,keep it aside.Mash the dal in the cooker with a spoon,
add onion,all vegetables,green chilly,1 sprig curry leaf,salt to taste and cook well.
Add tamarind diluted in 3 cups boiled water,coconut paste,asafoetida to the sambar
mix ,allow to boil,adjust salt,remove from flame.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in broken dried chilly,mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds,allow seeds
to pop,add curry leaves,pour the mix to sambar,combine well and serve.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fresh salad

Onion small 1,chopped,lemon juice 2 tblspn,
Soak onion in lemon juice for 1 hr,top it up with 1/4 cup chopped carrots,
1/2 cup chopped cucumber,6 strawberries quartered.Add salt to taste.
Garnish with cilantro.Mix well and serve.


Sprinkle 2tspn sugar or add 2 tspn honey before serving.

Special chicken roast

Chicken 1kg,boneless,cut into square pieces
Shallots 6,chopped,ginger 1 inch pc, garlic cloves 6,green chilly1,grind all into a paste
Yogurt 1/2 cup, coriander powder 1tblspn,chilly powder 1tspn,pepper powder 1tspn,turmeric powder
1/2tspn,kasuri methi 1tblspn heap,salt to taste.
Mix all the ingredients to prepare the marinade.Marinate chicken pieces,keep for 2 hrs & cook in a
pressure cooker.No need to add water.
Onion 1,,ginger 1 inch pc,garlic cloves 6,all thinly sliced,coconut flakes 1tblspn,cooking oil 1tblspn,
tomato 1,sliced,jalepeno 1,seeded &sliced,garam masala 1tspn,curry leaf 1sprig,salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in coconut flakes,saute till golden brown,add onion,saute till translucent,

add ginger,garlic,half  of curryleaf ,saute,add tomato,saute till cooked,add garam masala,jalepeno,mix,add cooked
chicken,mix well,simmer flame,allow to remain till the gravy becomes thick.Adjust salt,transfer
to a serving bowl,garnish with curry leaves.

The pictures are of 2kg chicken preparation,I preferred to give measures for 1 kg.Since kasuri methi
is used .other herbs like mint or cilantro is not needed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amarathoran(Valli amara)

This produce is from Chitrechi's farm at SA,Texas.
Chop amara ,onion 1,chopped,garlic cloves 3,chopped,green chilly 1,chopped,
curry leaf 1 sprig,salt to taste,turmeric powder a pinch,cumin powder 1/4tspn.
Cook the ingredients in just enough water in pan.Add 1 cup grated coconut
and mix well.Heat 2 tspn oil in a pan,drop in 1 dried chilly,broken into 3-4 pieces,followed by
mustard seeds,allow seeds to pop,add curry leaves,pour seasoning into amara mix.Combine
well and serve.

Puttu,egg roast,pappad & banana

A balanced meal with carbohydrates,protiens,vitamins and minerals.
Signature dish of keralites.

Welcome to God's Own Country........
to enjoy cusine and farm tourism.............

Egg roast

Egg 3,boiled,cooked and peeled,onion 1 sliced thinly,garlic cloves 3,thinly sliced,

salt to taste,curry leaf little,crushed red chilly 1/2tspn,kashmir chilly powder 3/4tspn,

cooking oil 2 tspn,green chilly 1,seeded,sliced thinly,lemon juice 1 tblspn.

Steam cook onion and garlic for 5 mins to keep it juicy.

Heat oil,drop in onion,garlic saute,add curry leaves,green chilly,saute well.

Add crushed chilly,chilly powder,salt,lemon juice,mix well,give 3-4 cuts on the egg & drop into
the masala,combine well,simmer flame,allow to remain for 3 mins.Cover eggs with
the masala and serve.


Puttu flour 2 cups,luke warm water,salt to taste.
Sprinkle water to the flour,mix it with hand to make moist enough,
to make puttu.Grind the moist flour in a mixi for 1 min to get soft puttu.
Grated coconut 1/2 cup,fill bottom of puttu maker with a tblspn coconut
topped with moist puttu podi.Close with lid,wait for steam to come out.Turn
puttu maker upside down to land puttu on a plate.
Side dish of puttu are interesting,goes well with cherupayar,pappadam,banana,kadalakkari,
egg roast for breakfast,and for dinner goes with,chicken kurma,fish moly,mathikkari etc

Achinga mizhukkupuratti

Tender achinga(long beans) a bunch,cut into 2inch pcs,cook in a little water
and salt to taste.

curry leaf 1/2 sprig

Cooking oil 2 tspn,crushed red chilly 1 tspn
Heat oil,simmer flame,add curry leaves,crushed chilly,

stir,add beans,saute till the mix get semi fried,adjust salt,transfer into a serving bowl.

Mathanga pulinkari(pumpkin pulinkari)

Pumpkin 500gm,cut into small cubes,onion small,chopped,green chilly 4,slited,
curry leaf 1 sprig,salt to taste.
Cook the ingredients in enough water,simmer flame.
Turmeric powder 1/6tspn,chilly powder 1/3 tspn.fenugreek powder a pinch,
asafoetida 1/4 tspn,tamarind concentrate 1/3tspn
Mix the curry powders to pumpkin mix.Add 3 tblspn coconut powder.stir well.
Allow to boil,pour seasoning,transfer to serving bowl.
For seasoning
Cooking oil 2 tspn,dried chilly 2,mustard seed 1/4tspn,curry leaf 1/2sprig
Heat oil,drop in dried chilly,mustard seeds,allow to pop,add curry leaf,stir,pour into
the pulinkari,transfer into a serving bowl.

Nendrappazha pulissery

Riped nendran banana 2,cut into small pieces,green chilly 2,sliced length wise,
garlic cloves 3,sliced thinlycurry leaf 1 sprig,salt to taste.
Cook the ingredients in little water.
Turmeric powder 1/3tspn,fenugreek powder 1/4 tspn,sugar 1 tblspn.
Add the powders and sugar to the cooked mix,stir well.
Yogurt 3 cups,whisked,add 3/4 cup boiled water to dilute,add this to nendran mix,
adjust salt.Allow to bubble in low flame.
For seasoning
cooking oil 2 tspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,dried chilly 2,fenugreek seeds a pinch,
curry leaf 1/2 sprig
Heat oil,drop in dried chilly,mustard,fenugreek seeds,allow to pop,add curry leaves,
pour the seasoning into pulissery.Mix well and transfer to a serving bowl.

Nendrapazha pudding for kids

Riped nendrapazham 2,cut into small pcs,ghee 2 tblspn,condensed milk 1/2 tin,

milk 1 cup,sugar 1/3 cup,raisins 1tblspn,rock sugar 2tspns,dried ginger powder 2 tspns.

Heat ghee in a pan,add banana,saute till it becomes tender,mash it with spoon,
add raisins,rock sugar,dried ginger powder,combine well,add milk,mix to get
it diluted,stir to get thickened,add condense milk,stir to get a light thick mix.

Transfer to serving bowl,kid's will love it,it's yummy.

Sausage Vegetable masala

This recipe is my daughter Soorya's.She prepared it ,went well with chappathi.
Frozen veg mix (carrot,corn,broccoli,) 1lb
Chicken sausage 4,cut into spirals,ginger garlic paste 1 tspn,tomato 1,chopped,
onion small 1, chopped,vegetable masala 2 tspn,cooking oil 1 tblspn,salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in onion,saute till translucent,add ginger garlic paste,stir
well,add tomato,saute till the mix form a paste,add vegetable masala ,saute,add
sausage,stir for 3 mins,add vegetables,combine well,add little boiled water,simmer
flame,close lid and cook the mix.Transfer to serving bowl,can use with bread,nan,
roti etc..