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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vayanayila ada

Ada mix
Rice flour 3cups,cardamom powder 1/3tspn,powdered jaggery 250gm,riped banana
(small)10nos,skinned and blended,salt a pinch,dried ginger powder 1/2tspn.
Mix the ingredients,add enough water ,prepare a soft dough.
Collect vayanayila,wash,clean and dry.Take a lemon size dough,put on vayanayila,
fold cone shape ,pin with green coconut leave sticks(eerkkil).Also can make flat shape ada
as 2 segments in a single leaf(take a little dough,put on leaf,fold,again put a little dough,fold
 and pin with the leaf stalk itself.
Prepare ada in a steam cooker.
Vayanayila is fragrant which gives ada a nice aroma.

Kappa puttu (tapioca)

Tapioca flour 2 cups,salt to taste,luke warm water required to moist the flour for puttu
preparation.Add salt,sprinkle water ,prepare puttu mix with fingers to flour moist.
Grated coconut 1/2 cup
Fill 1/4portion of puttu maker pot with water,boil it,fill puttu maker with 1tblspn coconut,
top it with moist flour,close with lid,wait till steam comes out of the lid.
Turn puttu upside down and serve hot with fish roast.
fish roast
Here tender coconut is used for puttu.

Lovlolica pickle

Lovloli  25,pluck,clean,wash and dry .Boil 2 cups water,add 1tblspn salt,allow to cool,
pour in an air tight glass bottle,add lovlolica,Keep for one week.
Sesame oil 1tblspn,kashmir chilly powder 1tblspn,asafoetida powder 1/4tspn,fenugreek powder
a pinch.
Heat oil in a pan,reduce flame,add curry powders,mix well,add salted lovlolica,off flame,
mix ,adjust salt,allow to cool ,store in air tight glass container.Pickle is ready.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prawn pickle

Prawn 1kg,deshell,devein,wash,clean,strain,add 2tspn kashmir chilly powder,salt to taste,
rub well,keep for an hour
Ginger 4inch pc,green chilly 3,garlic 12 cloves,all three chopped,sesame oil 2tbl spn,
kashmir chilly powder 2tspn
Heat oil,just fry prawns,keep aside,drop in ginger ,green chilly and garlic,saute till
light brown,reduce flame,add chilly powder,mix,off the flame,add prawns,mix well,
adjust salt.Allow to cool,store in air tight glass containers.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Ayila(mackerel) large 3nos,cut it into medium pcs,wash well,keep aside
Dried red chilly 10,coriander 1tspn,fenugreek seeds 1/4tspn dry fry all the ingredients
grated coconut 11/2cups,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,salt to taste
grind all the ingredients together to a fine paste.
Green chilly 4,slited,ginger 11/2inch finely chopped,curry leaf 1sprig
Dilute coconut mix in 2cups water ,add green chilly and ginger in an earthen pot,
put on flame allow to boil.At boiling point drop in fish pcs,cook well,reduce flame,
allow gravy to get thicken and cover the fish.
For take away food this dish is wonderful.Taste good even on second day.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sambarcheera (spinach)thoran

Sambar cheera a bunch,onion 1,garlic cloves 2,all three finely chopped,
cooking oil 2tspn,mustard and cumin seeds a pinch each,grated coconut 1/2 cup,
turmeric powder 1/4tspn,chilly powder 1/3tspn,salt to taste,dried chilly 1.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in dried chilly followed by mustard and cumin seeds,allow
seeds to splatter,Add onion and garlic,saute till light brown,add sambar cheera,mix well,
add turmeric and chilly powder,mix till cooked.Reduce flame add salt to taste,mix till it is dry and
transfer in a serving bowl.
Since this cheera(spinach) is grown in homesteads it is free of pesticde and organic.
Once grown,it will continue its life cycle naturally.

kakkayirachi ularthiyathu(backwater shell meat)

Kakkayirachi (backwater shell meat )250gm,clean,wash and cook adding 1/4tspn turmeric powder
and salt to taste,keep it aside,
onion 1,garlic cloves 3,ginger 1inch pc,all three finely chopped,green chilly 2,slited,curry leaf 1 sprig,
coconut oil 1tblspn,chilly power 1tspn,pepper powder 1/2tspn,coriander powder 1/2tspn
Heat oil in a pan,drop  in half curry leaf,allow to splatter,drop in onion,saute till translucent,
add ginger,garlic and green chilly,saute till the mix turn light brown ,add chilly,coriander and pepper
powders,reduce flame,mix for a min,add cooked shell meat,mix well,adjust salt,add balance curry leaf,
allow to remain on low flame till the mix becomes dry.Transfer to a serving bowl.