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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cabbage with scallions

Cabbage small 1, onion 1, garlic cloves 3, ginger 1 inch piece, all grated, salt to taste, scallions 4 stalks, chopped.
Coconut oil 2tbsp., salt to taste, turmeric powder 1/2 tsp., mustard seeds 1/2 tsp., urd dal (black lentils) splits 2 tbsp., dried red chilly 2, broken into 2, grated coconut 1 cup.
Heat oil in pan, drop in mustard seeds, allow to splatter, add red chilly, add urd dal, allow to fry, add the grated veggie mix and salt, sauté till tender, add coconut, combine well and add scallions, reduce flame allow to remain for 3 more minutes. Serve with rice.

Sauteed zucchini with onin and scallions

Zucchini 2, cut into small pieces, onion 1 sliced, scallion 3 stalks, chopped, salt to taste, coconut oil 2 tbsp.
Heat oil in pan, drop in onion, sauté till tender, add salt and zucchini, sauté till cooked, add scallions, combine well and allow to remain in low flame for 3 minutes. Serve with rice.

Suateed Okra and capsicum

Okra a handful, split half and cut into 2 inch lengthwise, red capsicum 1,  onion small 1, garlic cloves 3, all thinly sliced, salt to taste, coconut oil 2 tbsp.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in onion and garlic, sauté till tender, add salt and okra, sauté till tender, add capsicum, sauté till cooked. Serve with rice.

Carrot cucumber salad in lemon juice

Salad cucumber 2, carrot 2, both chopped, cilantro chopped, half handful, lemon juice 3 tbsp., chilly paste 1 tsp., salt to taste.
Combine the ingredients and serve. Have it before lunch or if you prefer can substitute for lunch. Can serve along with lunch too.

Snapper wrapped in banana leaf

 Snapper fillets, 600 grams.
Pepper powder 2tsp., lemon juice 50ml., salt to taste, ginger and garlic paste 2 tsp. each. Mix the ingredients, marinate the fish and refrigerate for 2 hours. Heat 2 tbsp. coconut oil in a pan and light brown both sides and keep aside.
Onion 2, garlic 6 cloves, ginger 2 inch piece, tomato 2, all finely chopped. Coconut oil 3 tbsp., chilly powder 2 tsp., salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in onion, garlic and ginger, sauté till tender, add tomato, sauté till tender, add salt and chilly powder, sauté till cooked. Add fish pieces and cover with the thick gravy.
 Cut banana leaves into medium pieces. Stew the leaves. On the leaves place the fish piece with gravy. Wrap each pieces and tie up with banana strings.

 Heat a frying pan, place the wraps and fry both sides.
Serve with rice and vegetable salad. The flavour of the banana leaf is so nice and to have rice in the leaf is very delicious. It is a traditional and ethnic way of cooking.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Beet root stem with beans in grated coconut

Beet root stem a handful, beans a handful, onion 1, garlic cloves 5, grate all together.
Coconut oil 2 tbsp., cumin seeds 1/2 tsp., grated coconut a cup, curry leaf a sprig, salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in cumin seeds and curry leaf. Allow to splatter, add grated veggies, mix well, allow to cook in low flame, add grated coconut and salt. Combine well. Serve with rice.

Carrot and Scallion in grated coconut

Carrot 5, onion 1, garlic cloves 4, all grated.
Coconut oil 2 tbsp., turmeric powder 1/2 tsp., cumin powder 1/2 tsp., salt to taste, grated coconut 1 cup, scallion 4 stalks, chopped.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in curry leaves, allow to splatter, add grated veggie mix and salt, sauté till tender, add turmeric and cumin powder, and allow to cook in low flame. Add grated coconut and chopped scallions, combine well, allow to remain in low flame for 3 minutes. Serve with rice.

Lunch idea with fish and veggies

Cooked basmati rice.
Sambar with carrot, potato, beans, drumsticks and onions, along with tamarind juice, sambar powder and salt to taste.
Beet root stem and beans with grated coconut.
Snapper fillet fry.
Serve these along with yogurt and pickles if you prefer.
It's really delicious.

Grand Breakfast on Sunday

Lamb stew in fresh coconut milk with greens. Here frozen green peas and scallions are used as greens. Serve with bread.
After the delicious breakfast serve rock melon. So nice to enjoy Sunday with family.

Lamb Stew

Lamb (boneless) 500 grams, cut into small cubes, ginger 2 inch piece, garlic cloves 7, onion 2, all three chopped, green chilly 4, silted, curry leaf a sprig, bay leaf 4, salt to taste. Pressure cook the ingredients. Allow pressure to vent out.
Coconut milk 1 cup, scallions 2 stalk, chopped, frozen green peas 1 cup. Add these ingredients into cooked lamb mix, and allow to cook in low flame. Adjust salt. Stew ready.
Serve with fresh bread or bun.

Delicious Dinner on Friday

Vegetable pilaf, chicken curry, cucumber raita and papadum.
Basmati rice is used for Pilaf. Home made yogurt for raita.

Simple lunch of South Kerala....

Cooked red rice, along with rasam, a thin curry in tamarind juice with chilly, coriander and hing, spinach and lentils in grated coconut and fish peera, a dish of fish, green chilly and grated coconut.
This lunch provides proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and full of fibres.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Simple Feast Idea

A simple feast for dinner on a Friday Eve. Friday is a day to dream weekend and feel relaxed. Fridays are good to have family chats and stay late.
We got another family as our guest and thought to make it simple and grand.
I have previously posted almost all the dishes.
This post is to present the feast idea.
To start with there are Pepper chicken (boneless) fry and Butter sautéed veggies, a mix of Pumpkin, Broccoli and Carrot.
Lamb stew in coconut milk,with green peas and scallions goes with bread.
The come the big bang
Chicken Biryani, cucumber raita, papadum, coconut pistachio cilantro chutney and mango pickle.
And to cool with
Rock Melon pieces.
It went awesome and delicious.