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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pappaya, tender coconut Pradhaman

Tender coconut 2, scrape the pulp, grind in mixer.
Semi ripe papaya medium 1, skinned, cut into pieces, steam for 3 minutes and grind in a mixer.
Jaggery 600 grams,  cashew nut splits 2 tbsp., raisins 1 tbsp., coconut milk light 3 cups, coconut milk thick 1 cup, cardamom powder 1 tsp., salt a pinch, ghee 1/4 cup.

In thick bottom wok, heat the ghee, fry the raisins and cashew nuts. Keep aside. Add grinded mix
in the balance ghee, sauté for 10 minutes. Add jaggery syrup, mix well till blended, add thin milk,
cook well. When the mix starts thickens, add thick milk. Reduce flame, allow to bubble, keep on the flame till the pradhaman arrive the correct consistency. Add salt, cardamom powder and fried raisins.
Combine well, transfer into a serving bowl.

Ash gourd in curd (Kumbalanga Pullissery )

Ash gourd 500 gram, skinned, and cut into 3 inch square pieces, Green chilly 7, silted, turmeric powder 1/3 tsp., salt to taste,
curry leaf a sprig.
Cook the ingredients in a cup of water and keep aside.
Grated coconut 1 cup, cumin seeds 1/2 tsp., shallots 2, garlic cloves 2, birds chilly 10, curry leaf 1/2 sprig.
Grind the ingredients in a mixer to a smooth paste. Add the coconut mix into the cooked ash gourd, put on low flame, allow to bubble.
For seasoning
Coconut oil 2 tsp., mustard seeds 1/2 tsp., fenugreek seeds 1/3 tsp., dried chilly 3, broken into 2 each, curry leaf 1/2 sprig.
Curd ( whisked ) 3 cups, salt to taste.
Heat oil in a wok drop in  mustard and fenugreek seeds, followed by dried chilly and curry leaf.
Allow to splatter and add the seasoning into ash gourd mix along with curd. Combine well, adjust salt and transfer into a serving bowl. Excellent with rice.

Carrot pradhaman

Carrot, 400 grams, peeled and grated and steamed for 4 minutes.
Jaggery 500 gram, Sabudana  1/4 cup, soaked, ghee 1/4 cup, raisins 2 tbsp., cow milk 1 litre, cardamom powder 1 tsp.

Heat ghee in a wok. fry raisins. Keep aside the fried raisins. In the balance ghee add carrot, sauté till cooked. Add soaked sabudana,
mix well, add jaggery syrup, combine well, sauté for 10 minutes, then add half milk, mix and allow to boil and cook. Add balance milk ,reduce the flame, allow the payasam to get the required thickness. Add cardamom powder and fried raisins. Transfer into a serving bowl.

Fish Moly

Seer fish 1 kilogram, cut into 3 inch pieces,
Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp., pepper powder 1/2 tsp., salt to taste.
Marinate the fish pieces and keep for 2 hours.
Basin powder 100 gram, coconut oil 200 gram.
Heat oil in pan, roll the fish pieces  in basin powder and fry the pieces to light brown. Keep fried fish aside.
Onion 2, sliced, green chilly 7, silted, garlic cloves 10, shallots 7, both sliced and crushed,
ginger 2 inch piece, thinly sliced, salt to taste,
curry leaf 2 sprigs, carrot 3, thinly sliced, pepper powder 1/2 tsp., fenugreek powder 1/4 tsp.
Coconut milk thin 2 cups, thick 1 cup.
In the balance oil, drop onion followed by ginger, garlic, shallots, carrot, green chilly, curry leaves, sauté till light brown, add light coconut milk. allow to boil, add fried fish, cook well, add thick milk, allow to bubble.
Serve with appam, puttu, idiappam, bread etc.

Banana milk payasam (Kheer)

Ripe banana 4, cut into semi circle pieces. Ghee 1/4 cup, raisins 1 tbsp., cashew nut splits 2 tbsp., badam splits 1 tbsp.
Heat ghee in a shallow wok ,drop in raisins, fry , take out, then fry
cashews and badam, take out and keep aside.
Coconut milk light 3 cups, coconut milk thick 11/2 cups, fried rice powder 1/4 cup, jaggery 500 gram, cardamom powder 1 tsp.
Add banana cuts into the balance ghee, sauté well, add jiggery syrup and sauté till the banana pieces are well blended. Add thin
milk cook in low flame, when the mix starts to thicken add rice powder soaked in 1/2 cup thick milk. Cook in low flame. When the
mix, thickens add balance milk. Allow to bubble, add cardamom powder, fried raisins and nuts. Transfer into a serving bowl.


Simple fish fry

Sardines 10, cleaned and striped closely.
For marinade
Kashmir chilly powder 1/2 tsp., turmeric powder a pinch, garlic green pepper paste 1 tsp., salt to taste.
Marinate the fish and keep for 1/2 an hour.
Shallow fry the fish both sides in a non stick pan with minimum cooking oil.

Sauted Pappaya

Semi ripe papaya 1, remove skin, cut into small thin pieces, add salt to taste, 1/4 tsp., turmeric
powder and cook in a little water. Drain out excess water if any and keep aside.
Coconut oil 2 tbsp., dried chilly 3, cut into small pieces and crushed, garlic cloves 7, sliced and crushed, shallots 10, sliced and crushed, crushed black pepper 1 tsp., curry leaf a sprig.

Heat oil in a shallow wok, drop in garlic, shallots, sauté till aroma comes out, add chilly and
pepper and curry leaves, sauté and add cooked papaya, combine well and serve.

Chenakuzhachathu ( Amorphophalus with coconut )

Amorphophalus ( Elephant foot yam ) 250 gram, cut into 2 cm cubes, add salt to taste
and cook soft.
Grated coconut 1/2 cup, cumin seeds a pinch, turmeric powder 1/4 tsp., green chilly 2,
garlic cloves 2, shallots 2, curry leaf little. Ground the ingredients to a coarse mix.
Add coconut mix to cooked amorphophalus, mix well, adjust salt, add curry leaves,
and a tbsp., coconut oil, combine well and transfer into a serving bowl.
Serve along with eve tea or with rice. Green chutney is best along this dish.

Lime curry with fried coconut....

Lime 4, De skinned, seeded and chopped, green chilly 7, cut into rings, shallots 12, chopped,
garlic cloves 10, chopped, curry leaf a sprig, coconut oil 2 tbsp., tamarind concentrate 1 tsp.,
chilly powder 2 tsp., coriander powder 2 tsp., turmeric powder 1/4 tsp., asafoetida powder 1/3 tsp.,
salt to taste, grated coconut 1 cup, fried and powdered, mustard seeds 1/2 tsp., dried chilly 2.

Cook lime and green chilly in a cup of water in an earthen wok. Soak curry powders and tamarind
in 1/2 cup of water and add to the boiled mix. Add half curry leaf, salt and fried coconut powder.
Mix well, add boiled water if required to have a semi thick consistency.

 Heat oil in a non sticky pan, drop in mustard seeds, dried chilly, allow to crackle, add curry leaf,
followed by ginger, shallots an garlic. Saute till light brown and the mix to the curry mix well.
Allow to bubble. Serve after 4 to 5 hours for better taste.