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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Prawns with zucchini

Prawns, peeled 1lb, onion 1, sliced, zucchini 2 , sliced, ginger garlic paste 1 tsp.,
tomato 1, chopped, cooking oil 1 tbsp., dried red chili 1,broken into 2, curry leaf
1 sprig, salt to taste, turmeric powder 1/4tsp., chili powder 1/3tsp.
Heat oil in a wok, drop in dried red chili and curry leaves, allow to splutter, add
onion, saute till tender, add ginger garlic paste, saute till fragrant, add turmeric
and chili powder followed by zucchini and prawns, mix well, add salt to taste,
simmer flame, close with a lid allow to cook for five minutes, add tomatoes.
Allow tomatoes to become tender, combine and transfer into a serving bowl.

Chili fish curry

Mahi mahi fish fillets 1lb,cubed,onion 1,chopped,garlic cloves 4,ginger 2 "piece, lemon juice 1tblspn,
tomato sauce 1/4cup,tomato 1,cubed,salt to taste, curry leaf 1sprig,coconut oil 2tsp.,fenugreek powder 1/4tsp,kashmiri chili powder 1tsp, turmeric powder 1/4tsp., chili colour a pinch.
In a wok, add onion, garlic, ginger and chili and turmeric powders in 2 cups water, allow to boil, at boiling point add fish pieces, chili colour,
 lemon juice, and salt to taste and cook in low flame. When cooked add tomato sauce and tomatoes.
Allow to simmer, add fenugreek powder and coconut oil, swirl the wok to spread evenly, garnish with curry leaves.

Egg noodles with fish

Egg noodles 2oz, cook noodles in boiling water for 5 minutes or till cooked. Strain and allow to cool.
Baby spinach 1/2lb,celery ribs 2,chopped,garlic cloves 3,finely chopped, soy sauce 2tsp.,chili sauce
2tsp,cooking oil 2tsp,salt to taste, pepper powder 1/2tsp.
Heat oil in a shallow pan, drop in onions,saute till tender, add garlic, saute till fragrant, add celery ribs,
saute till, tender add spinach saute for 2 minutes, add sauces, pepper powder and salt to taste, mix well, add cooked noodles,
combine well. Serve with shallow fried mahi mahi fish marinated with pepper powder, and salt to taste in required lemon juice and with tomato sauce.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shallow fried Salmon in coconut milk

Salmon fillets 2lb,cubed,lemon juice 2tblsp,black pepper powder 1tspn,salt to taste.
Marinate salmon with the ingredients, refrigerate for an hour.
Coconut oil as required, heat oil in a pan, just fry both sides of salmon and keep aside.

Onion medium1,chopped,garlic cloves 4,ginger 2'piece,both finely chopped, green chilly 4,silted,
curry leaf  2 sprigs, scallions chopped 1tblspn,salt to taste,garcinia camboge 4cloves,chili powder
2tspn,coriander powder 1tblspn,turmeric powder 1/4tsp,fenugreek powder 1/4tspn,coconut milk 1cup.
After hardening fish, in the balance oil, saute onion till tender, add garlic and ginger, saute till fragrant,
add 1sprig curry leaf and curry powders except fenugreek ,stir for 30 seconds, add garcinia and 11/2 cup water. Boil the mix, add fish pieces, allow to boil, simmer flame, add coconut milk, cook till gravy
blend together, add fenugreek powder, swirl the wok. Garnish with curry leaves and scallions. Serve
after 4-5hours to taste more delicious.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sausage biriyani...for kids....

 Sausage medium size 4,microwave for a minute,allow to cool,
cut into thin rings
Frozen green peas,carrot mix 1/lb,onion 1,chopped,ginger garlic paste 2 tsp,cilantro chopped as required,cooking oil 2tblspn,
basmathi rice 11/2cups,cooked in 3 cups water,keep aside.
Lemon concentrate 2tblspn,salt to taste,biriyani masala 1tblspn.
Heat oil in a shallow wok,drop in onion,saute till tender,add ginger
garlic paste,saute till aroma spreads,add green peas and carrot,saute
till tender,add lemon concentrate,salt,masala,saute for a minute,
 add sausage and rice,combine well,garnish with cilantro and serve
with thick yogurt cucumber salad.

Pasta with meatballs and vegetables

Pasta 2 cups,cooked in boiling water,strained and allow to cool.
Meat balls as required,bake it in a 375 degrees preheated oven for 20 minutes.
Pasta tomato sauce 2 cup,frozen sliced vegetable 1 lb,steam cook the vegetable
and strain out.
Grated cheddar cheese 1/3 cup,salt to taste.
Heat  a wok ,add sauce and cheese,simmer flame,add pasta,vegetable,combine well,
add meat balls,adjust salt ,serve hot.
Great for dinner...

Simple egg curry

Hen eggs 4,boil cooked and halved,carrot 2,chopped 1/2"piece,frozen green peas
1 cup,ginger garlic paste 2tspn,tomato sauce 1tblspn,egg masala 2tspn,cooking oil
1tblspn,salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan,add onion,saute till transparent,add ginger garlic paste,mix well,add carrot,
saute till tender,add egg masala,salt and green peas,combine,add tomato sauce ,1/2 cup boiling water,
simmer flame,allow to boil,add eggs,simmer for 3 more minutes.Garnish with chopped cilantro
and serve.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simple salad ..yet a meal....

 Cucumber 1,red onion 1 small,
tomato 1,cilantro as required,chop all separately.
Lemon juice 4 tblspn,black salt to taste.
Pour lemon juice in a bowl,drop in onion first,so it gets tender,top it with cucumber,tomato and cilantro.Refrigerate for an hour.
Can even treat as a meal.Add salt on serving.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Spicy vegetarian noodles

Canton noodles 150 gm,cook in boiling water for 3minutes,close with a lid for another 5 minutes,
drain and allow to cool.
Bok Choy half bunch,trimmed,cut into three inches, then sliced thinly, stem and leaves to keep separate.
Baby spinach 1 bunch, celery 4ribs,sliced,onion small 1,thinly sliced,ginger 1"piece,garlic
cloves 3,both finely chopped, scallion 3 ,cut into ribbons.
Olive(extra virgin) oil 2tblspn,balsamic vinegar 1tblspn,tomato sauce 1tblspn,la Choy soy sauce
3/4tblspn,sree racha hot chilly sauce 2tblspn,crushed red chilly 1tspn,salt to taste.
Heat oil in a shallow wok, add onions, ginger and garlic, sauté till aroma spreads,add crushed red chilly,saute for 30 seconds,then add bok choy and
celery stems, sauté till tender, add spinach, sauté for a minute, add balsamic vinegar and the sauces.
Stir well, add noodles,combine,adjust salt, add bok choy and celery leaves, mix thoroughly, transfer
to a serving bowl, garnish with scallions.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Moong dal soup

Moong dal splits 1cup,shallots 4,chopped,garlic cloves 2,chopped,cumin seed powder
1/2tspn,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,kasuri methi 1tspn,pressure cook the ingredients.
When vent out,add enough water to boil,add salt,simmer flame,take off at your required
consistency.Add 1tspn ghee,garnish with cilantro,serve plain or with rottis.

Stirfried egg noodles

Caton noodles 2lbs,cooked and keep aside.
celery ribs 3,capsicum 1,onion 1,cabbage 1lb,all sliced,garlic cloves 4,crushed,
vegetable oil 2tblspn,la choy sauce 2tblspn,chilli sauce 1tblspn,tomato sauce 1tblspn,
salt to taste,crushed red chilli 1tspn,hen eggs 4.
Heat oil in a wok,add onion and garlic,saute tender,add cabbage,capsicum,celery,sauté
till tender,add salt,eggs,quickly stir eggs to form a cheesy look,add sauces , red chilli
and noodles,combine well,serve hot.

Fish veggie cassarole

Mahi mahi fish fillets 1lb, cubed, califlower 1/2lb, flowers separated, zucchini 1, cubed,
onion1, capsicum small 1,both cubed, green chilly 3,silted, tomato 1or 2, cubed, salt to
taste, pepper powder 2tsp., garcinia gamboge 3cloves, turmeric powder 1/3tsp., coriander powder 1/2tsp., coconut oil 1tbsp., cilantro chopped 1tbsp.
Cook vegetables except tomato and fish in required water, add condiments, spice and salt.
When cooked add tomato, cook for another 5 minutes in low flame, add coconut oil, swirl the
wok to spread the oil, garnish with cilantro.

Soy chunk curry for chappathi

Nutrella soy chunks 1lb,cooked in boiling water, squeezed and keep aside.
Onion 1, garlic 3cloves, both chopped, olive oil 1tblsp., salt to taste, cilantro chopped
as required, capsicum small 1,cubed to 1"pieces, grated parmesan cheese 2tsp.,
lime juice 2tbsp., pepper powder 1tsp., vegetable masala 1tsp.
Heat oil in a wok, drop in onion and garlic, sauté till tender, add capsicum, soy chunks
and sauté well till blended. Add lemon juice, salt, pepper powder, vegetable masala, add little water as required
allow to boil, add cheese, simmer flame, serve hot garnishing with cilantro. Serve with a
 cucumber salad and chapatti .


Brinjal and prawns in roasted coconut curry mix(theeyal)

Prawns 300gm,cooked in 1/4tspn turmeric powder and salt to taste.Brinjal  2,cut into
2"pieces,onion 1,sliced,tamarind concentrate 1/2tspn,salt to taste,coconut oil 1tblspn,
Green chilly 4,slited,mustard seed a pinch,red chilly 2,curry leaf 1 sprig.
Roasted coconut mix preparation
Grated coconut 1cup,red chilly 8,coriander 1tspn,dry fry the ingredients,allow to cool,
grind in a mixi,curry mix is ready.
Heat oil in a shallow wok,add mustard seeds and red chilly,allow seeds to splutter,add
curry leaves,saute,add onion,saute till tender,add green chilly and brinjal,saute till cooked.
Add cooked prawns,curry mix,tamarind,dilute with enough water,allow to boil.Add salt,
simmer flame and cook till a thick consistency.This dish is excellent when served a day after.

Quinoa salad,healthy dinner...

Quinoa seed 1 cup, wash and add on to boiling water in a pan. Cook till tender, drain
and keep aside.
Cucumber 1,chopped into 1" cubes, onion 1,chopped,lemon juice 2-3 tablespoon, salt to taste,
cilantro chopped 2tblspn.
Combine all the ingredients and serve for dinner.
This low fat diet is high in protein ,dietary fibre ,iron,calcium and magnesium.

Sauted beans

Beans 2lbs,Immerse in boiling water for 3-4minutes,drain and keep aside.
Olive oil 2 tblspn,chopped onion 1/4cup,garlic cloves 4,crushed,salt to taste,
balsamic vinegar 1tblspn,pepper powder 2 tspn.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in onion,garlic,saute till tender,add beans,saute till cooked,
add vinegar,salt and pepper powder combine well serve with grilled fish or chicken.

Sauted Brussels

Brussels sprouts 2 lbs., wash,clean and quarter it.
Onion 1,chopped,garlic cloves 4,crushed finely, pepper powder 1tspn,olive oil 1tblspn,
salt to taste,balsamic vinegar 1tblspn.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in onions,saute till tender,add garlic saute for a minute, add brussels,
saute,cover with lid, allow to become tender,add salt,balsamic vinegar,combine well,add
pepper powder,mix well and serve hot.

Cheese noodles for kids

Canton noodles 100gm,cooked and keep aside,spinach a handful,celery 1 rib,sliced,grated parmesan cheese
1tblspn,la choy soy sauce 2tspn,tomato sauce 2tspn,garlic paste 1/2tspn,sliced onion 2tblspn,cooking oil 1tblspn,salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in onion,saute till light brown,add garlic,saute,add spinach and celery.sauté
till tender,add sauces and noodles,combine well,adjust salt ,add cheese,mix well and serve.Kids will like it.

Spinach Noodles

Canton noodle 400gm, immerse the noodle in boiling water , cook for 3 minutes, allow to
remain in the hot water for 5-8 minutes, drain and keep aside.
Spinach 2lbs, celery 4ribs, sliced, onion small 1, thinly sliced, garlic cloves 5, crushed, la choy sauce 2 tbsp., tomato chilly sauce 2tbsp.,vegetable oil 3tbsp., salt to taste.
Heat oil in a wok, add onion and garlic, sauté till light brown, add spinach and celery, sauté till
tender, add sauces and noodles, combine well, adjust salt, serve hot.

Mungdal Kheer

Mungdal splits 2cups,pressure cook in enough water,Coconut milk 1litre,white(light coloured)
jaggery 2 lbs,ghee 1/2 cup,almonds 1/4handful,soaked,deskinned and chopped,raisins 1/4handful.
Heat a wok,pour ghee less than 2tblspn,add cooked mungdal,saute it till the mix form a soft dough.
Melt jiggery in 1/2litre water,pour over mungdal,mix it thoroughly,when starts boiling add coconut
milk,mix well,allow to bubble.In 2 tblspn ghee ,fry raisins and almonds separately,pour over kheer,
mix well and serve.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Raw chutney in olive oil

baked sweet potato
Onion small 1,garlic cloves 6,tomato 1,all chopped and crushed.Crushed red chilly 2tblspn,
olive oil 1/4cup,salt to taste.Combine all the ingrdients,add 3 tblspn chopped cilantro.
Chutney is excellent with baked sweet potato.Just sprinkle salt and bake.If you prefer hot,mix pieces with a tblspn of red chilli sauce.
baking in progress


Corn salad

Cooked corn 1 cup, lime juice 2tblspn,
Onion small 1,tomato 1,green chilly 1,cilantro little, all chopped, salt to taste.
Olive oil 2tspn,mix all the ingredients together, yummy salad is ready.

Grilled chicken

Chicken legs 4,Pull down the skin, make 3-5 incisions,olive oil 1tblspn,pepper powder 2tspn,
lemon juice 1tblspn,turmeric powder 1/2tspn,coriander powder 1/2 tspn,garlic paste 1tspn,kasuri methi 1tspn.
Rub chicken with the ingredients and keep for 2hours.
Grill the chicken for 15 to 20 minutes.Serve with preferred sauce and fresh vegetables like cucumber,cabbage,
tomato etc.


Baked fish with asparagus(Mahi mahi fish)

pic 1
Fish fillets 5,Olive oil 2tblspn,garlic paste 1tspn,lime juice 1tblspn,kasuri methi 1tspn,pepper powder 1tspn,salt to taste.
Marinate fish, keep for half an hour, heat a pan, brush with olive oil, just heat both side
for a minute each.(pic 1)
Asparagus 1 bunch, sprinkle salt to taste, lemon juice 1 tblspn,olive oil 1tblspn,saute in a pan for 2 minutes. Place both pans in an oven, preheated at 400 degrees and bake for 15 minutes for asparagus
and 25 minutes for fish. Flip the fish at 15th minute. Serve with your favourite sauce.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prawn noodles (non spicy)

Instant egg noodles 250gm,soak in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and keep aside.
Carrot 1,cabbage 100gms,beans 100gms,celery ribs 4,onion 1,ginger 3"piece,garlic
cloves 5,spring onion stalk 1,all sliced thinly. Prawns 200gm,cooked adding pinch of
turmeric powder and salt to taste.
Cooking oil 2tblspn,la Choy sauce 3tblspn,salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan,saute onion,garlic,green chilly for 2 minutes, add beans,carrot,cabbage,saute
till cooked,add celery,spring onion,saute well,add cooked noodles and prawns, mix well adjust
salt,serve hot .Children love this non spicy healthy dish.

Vegetable noodles(healthy home made lunch pack)

 Onion small 1, carrot 2, cabbage 200gm, beans 100gm, celery ribs 3,
garlic cloves 5, ginger 2"piece, all sliced thinly.
Grape seed oil 2tblsp., la Choy sauce 2tbsp., garlic chilly sauce 11/2tbsp., salt to taste. Instant egg noodles, soaked in boiling water for 2 minutes, drained  and keep aside.
 Heat oil in a pan, drop in onions, garlic and ginger sauté till aroma spreads, add beans and carrot sauté for 2 minutes, add cabbage, sauté for a minute, add celery, soy sauce, sauté well, add salt and cooked 250 gm. noodles, add garlic chilly sauce, mix well, serve hot. Really a healthy dish.