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Monday, September 24, 2012

Godambada (Wheat ada)

Wheat flour 2cups,roasted cumin seeds 1/2tspn,salt to taste,ghee 1tspn
Mix the ingredients in a bowl,add warm water and prepare a soft dough.
Cut banana leaf to convenient pcs to spread dough balls.
Prepare a sweet mix with 2 cups coconut and 1 cup powdered jaggery.
Spread dough balls thinly with fingers on banana leaf piece and fill with
enough sweet mix.Fold the adas,place it in a steamer and steam cook.

Wheat Ottada

Wheat flour 2cups,salt to taste,hot water enough to prepare dough
Put flour and salt in a bowl,add water ,mix and prepare soft dough.
Take a banana leaf,cut into small pcs,wash and dry them.Divide the dough
to tennis ball size and spread each ball in a leaf piece.
Preparation of filling
Coconut grated 2 cups,jaggery powdered 1 cup,cardamom powder 1/2tspn,
ghee 1tspn,mix the ingredients together.Scoop enough sweet mix and spread over dough
sheet,fold it.Place a pan over flame,put the folded ada,dry fry both sides,remove
banana leaf and serve.
This dish is high in fibre and complete in nutrients.Children will love this ethnic semihard ada.

Bilimbi theeyal

Bilimbi 300gm,wash and cut into slender pcs,onion 1,cut into thin slender pcs,
green chilly 5,slited,salt to taste,theeyal mix 3tblspn,coconut oil 1tblspn,mustard seeds
a pinch,dried red chilly 1,curry leaf 1 sprig
Heat oil in a pan,drop in dried chilly,mustard seeds,allow seeds to splatter,add half curry leaf
followed by shallots,saute till shallots are translucent,add bilimbi and green chilly,saute till
colour of bilimbi change to yellow,add theeyal mix diluted in 11/2cups of water and salt.Allow to
boil,reduce flame,allow to get the gravy thicken,add curry leaves and ready to serve.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pappaya erissery

Pappaya 1,peel,wash and grate,keep it aside,green chilly 4,slited

Coconut grated 11/2cups,shallots 2,cumin seed 1/3tspn,chilly powder 1/4tspn,turmeric powder 1/4 tspn,
Grind the ingredients to a coarse texture,keep it aside.
Add half cup water to the pappaya,add green chilly and salt,cook in medium flame,mash it,
add coconut mix and curry leaves,allow to bubble and remove from flame.
For seasoning
Coconut finely grated 1tblspn,red chilly 1,broken to 2-3pcs,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,curry leaf little,
coconut oil 1tblspn.Heat oil in a pan,drop in red chilly,mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add coconut
saute till golden brown,add curry leaves,pour the mix to pappaya mix,erissery is ready.

Mathippuli (Sardine curry)

Sardine 1kg,cleaned and washed,to get rid of sardine smell,soak in little lime juice Coconut milk 1/2cup,kudampuli 5 cloves,wash and soak in little warm water
Red chilly 12,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,shallots 4,garlic 2cloves,grind the ingredients
to a fine paste.Dilute the paste in 2 cups water,add slited green chillies 5,ginger 2 inch,
finely chopped in an earthern pot and allow to boil.At boiling point add sardines,swirl
the pot and allow to cook.Add curry leaves.When gravy starts to thicken,add coconut
milk,swirl the pot to get the curry blend well.
Season 1/4 tspn fenugreek seeds in 2tspn coconut oil and pour to the curry,again swirl
the pot.This curry is best to serve after 3-4hrs.

Puzhameen curry

This fish is from Ithikkara river.
River fish 1kg,clean,cut into desirable pieces,soak in tamarind liquid for 15mins,wash well.
Coconut small 1,grated,red chilly 10,coriander 2tspn,both dry fried,turmeric powder 1/3tspn,
shallots 5,tamarind,gooseberry size,salt to taste.Prepare a fine paste with the ingredients.
Dilute the paste in 21/2cups water in an earthern pot and allow to boil.
Green chillies 5,slited,ginger 2inch pc,finely chopped.
Add green chilly and ginger to the curry liquid.Allow to boil.At boiling point add fish pcs.
Add 1 sprig curry leaves.Cook well,add 2 tomatoes ,sliced,let gravy to thicken and tomato to cook.Add 1/3 tspn fried fenugreek powder.
Swirl the pot well to get the curry blend well and remove from flame.
For seasoning
Shallots 3,cut into rings,curry leaf 1/2sprig,coconut oil 1 tblspn
Heat a pan,drop in shallots,saute,add oil,fry to golden brown,add curry leaves,allow to splatter,
pour the mix to fish curry.

Karimeen pollichathu

Karimeen 2,clean it as whole,take out gills,soak in tamarind liquid for 15 mins.Wash well
to get rid from mud taste.
Kashmir chilly powder 1tblspn,coriander powder 1tspn,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,salt to taste,
shallots 5 chopped,ginger 1inch pc chopped,garlic cloves 4,chopped,tamarind paste 1/4tspn,
pepper powder 1/3tspn.Grind the ingredients to a paste.Rub the mix on cleaned fish,keep for
1 -2 hrs.Wrap in stewed banana leaves .Heat a pan ,place wrapped fish,allow to cook,turn upside

down,cook and serve hot in banana leaves with rice or tapioca.


Cow pea 100gm,soak in water for 3-4hrs,pressure cook,keep aside
Coconut grated 2 cups,squeeze for milk,thin milk 11/2cup,thick milk 1/2 cup
Ash gourd 400gm,sliced thinly,salt to taste,curry leaf 1 sprig,coconut oil 2tspn
Cook ash gourd in thin milk,add cooked cowpea,curry leaf and salt.
Allow to boil,reduce flame,add thick milk.Allow to bubble,adjust salt ,add coconut oil,swirl the
pan inorder to spread the oil .Now olan is ready to serve.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pappaya thoran

Raw pappaya 1,peel and grate.
Grated coconut 1cup,shallots 3,garlic clove 3,green chilly 2,turmeric powder 1/4 tspn,
cumin seeds 1/4tspn,salt to taste,grind the ingredients coarsly and keep aside.
Cooking oil 1tblspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,dried chilly 1,curry leaf 1sprig
Heat oil in shallow pan,drop in dried chilly,mustard seeds,allow to pop,add curry leaves
followed by pappaya,saute till the mix combine well,reduce flame,close with a lid,allow to
cook for 5 mins.Add coconut mix,combine well,allow to remain for another 2 mins and transfer
to a seving bowl.

Bilimbi mathi curry

Sardines 1kg,cleaned,washed,rub in lemon juice for 1/2 hr
Bilimbi 12,sliced,shallots 5,chopped,green chilly 3,sliced,galangal 3"pc,garlic cloves 4,
both crushed,chilly powder 1tblspn,coriander powder 1tspn,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,salt to taste.
Add the ingredients except sardines in 11/2cups water in an earthen pot,allow to boil.
Wash sardines,drop in to the boiling gravy.Cook well,add curry leaves,swirl the pot.
Add 1/3tspn fenugreek powder and 2tspn coconut oil,swirl the pot to spread the oil
and dissolve the fenugreek powder.Serve after 3-4hrs.

Squid roast(kanava ularth)

Squid 1/2 kg,clean,cut into small pcs,turmeric powder 1/3tspn,salt to taste,ginger garlic paste 1/2tspn.
Add the ingredients,cook for 5 mins.
Onion large 1,green chilly 2,ginger 1"pc,garlic cloves 5, all finely chopped
Chilly powder 1tspn,pepper powder 1/2 tspn,cooking oil 11/2tblspn,curry leaf 1sprig,salt to taste
Heat oil in a pan,drop in curry leaves,followed by onion,saute till translucent,add ginger,
garlic,green chilly,saute well till light brown,add chilly and pepper powder,salt,stir for 30 secs,
add squid,combine well,reduce flame ,cook for 5 mins.