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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cherupayar ethakka tholi thoran(green gram banana skin stir fry)

Green gram 1 cup,nendran banana skin ,chopped 2 cups,soak green gram over night,pressure cook in a little water ,add banana skin,cook in low flame,add salt to taste and keep aside.Grated coconut 11/2cups,cumin seeds 1/4tsn,garlic cloves 2,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,chilly powder 1/4tspn,shallots 3,grind the ingredients,keep aside.
Cooking oil 1 tblspn,mustard seeds 1/4tspn,red chilly 2,broken into small pieces,curry leaf 1 sprig.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in red chillies,mustard seeds,allow to splatter,add curry leaves,add coconut mix,stir well,add cooked green gram,banana skin mix,combine well,adjust salt.

Mushroom egg fried rice

Sona masuri rice 2 cups,wash,strain,cook rice in 5 cups water along with a pinch of
turmeric powder and salt to taste.
Mushroom 200 gm, thinly sliced,onion 1,green and riped chilly 2 each,both finely chopped.
Capsicum 1,chopped,spring onion 1 stalk,chopped,soy sauce 1 tblspn,chilly tomato sauce 1 tblspn,
salt to taste,hen's egg 2,break,whisk,add salt to taste,prepare thin omlette,allow to cool,chop and
keep aside.Cooking oil 2 tblspn,garlic paste 2 tspn.
Heat  cooking oil in a wok,drop in onion,saute for 2 minutes,add garlic paste,chillies,mushroom,
mix well,allow to half cook in low flame,add capsicum,allow to half cook,add  sauces,spring onion,
rice,omlette bits,combine well,adjust salt serve.

Netholi peera (anchovy coconut mix)

Anchovy 250 gm,clean cutting head and tail,wash thoroughly,keep aside.
Onion small,sliced,green chilly 3,chopped,bilimbi 10 nos,sliced,ginger 1 inch piece,
garlic cloves 3,both finely chopped,curry leaf 1 sprig,salt to taste.
Mix the ingredients except anchovy in a cup of water,allow to boil,add anchovies,
allow to cook,add 1/2 cup finely grated coconut,combine well,without breaking
fish,add 2 tspn coconut oil,swirl the wok and serve.

Vegetable fried rice

Basmathi rice 2cups,wash,strain,cook in 5cups water,keep aside.
Carrot and beans ,finely chopped,1/2 cup each,capsicum small 1,chopped,
onion small 1,green chilly3 and garlic cloves 5,all three finely chopped.
Cooking oil 2tblspn,soy sauce 1tblspn,chilly sauce 3tspn,tomato sauce 1tblspn,
salt to taste,coriander leaves chopped 1tblspn.
Heat oil in a shallow pan,drop in onion,garlic,saute till aroma spread,drop in carrot,
green chilly and beans,saute well,allow to half cook,add capsicum,allow to half cook,
add sauces and salt,mix well,simmer flame,add cooked rice ,combine well,add coriander
leaves,mix well and serve.

Papaya carrot thoran (stir fry)

Papaya small 1,carrot medium 2,onion 1,all three finely grated,green chilly 2,
garlic clove 3,both finely chopped,grated coconut 1 cup,salt to taste,turmeric powder 1/4tspn.
Mix all the ingredients with hand in a bowl and keep for 10 minutes.
Cooking oil 1 tblspn,mustard seeds and cumin seeds 1/4 tspn each,curry leaf a sprig.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in cumin and mustard seeds,allow to splatter,drop in curry leaves
followed by papaya carrot mix,stir well,close with a lid,allow to cook in low flame.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Onion tomato chutney

Onion large 1,tomato 2,both finely chopped,green chilly 2,cut into rings,curry leaf 1 sprig,
coriander leaves  little,salt to taste,cooking oil 2tblspn,kashmir chilly powder 2 tspn.
Heat oil in a pan,drop in curry leaves,allow to splatter,add onion,saute till light brown,add
green chilly,tomato,saute till cooked,add salt and chilly powder,stir till,the mix blend together,
add coriander leaves,serve with dosai.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Egg coconut omlette

This dish is good for evening snack along with your favourite tea or coffee.
It's fluffy and really yummy.
Hen's egg 1,grated coconut 2tblspn,red chilly 1,cut into small bits,salt to taste.
Break egg into a bowl,add rest of the ingredients,whisk ,keep aside.
Heat a pan, add 1/2tspn ghee,swirl the pan,pour egg mix,cook both sides,serve hot.


Mullan fry

Mullan (fresh),250gm,cut,clean,wash,stripe both sides
Chilly powder 11/2tspn,turmeric powder a pinch,fenugeek powder a pinch,
salt to taste,garlic paste 1/4tspn.
Combine the ingredients to a paste,rub thoroughly on the fish,refrigerate for 2 hours.
Cooking oil 1tblspn
Heat oil in a non sticky pan,drop in fish,fry both sides,drop in fine sliced onion
and curry leaves,saute till stewed.

Mullan peera

Mullan fish 500gm,cut ,clean ,wash and keep aside.
Onion 1,green chilly 2,ginger 2inch piece,garlic 5cloves,all finely chopped.
Gamboge(kudampuli)4 cloves,chilly powder 1tspn,turmeric powder 1/3tspn,
fenugreek powder a pinch,salt to taste,coriander leaves little.
Mix the ingredients in an earthern pot,add 2 cups water,allow to boil.
Add fish into the pot,allow to cook,add 1 cup,finely grated coconut,mix
it well with out breaking the fish.Add 1 tblspn coconut oil,swirl the wok,
to spread the oil,garnish with coriander leaf bits.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mathicheruchembu curry

Sardines 500gm,cut,cleaned and washed,keep it aside
Cheruchembu(colaccassia) 250gm
Onion small 1,garlic cloves 4,ginger 2inch piece,all three thinly sliced,salt to taste,cook the ingredients in a little water.
Turmeric powder 1/4tspn,chilly powder 2tspn,coriander powder1/2tspn,kudampuli 5cloves,fenugreek powder 1/3tspn,add the powders and kudampuli into the colaccassia mix,
allow to boil.Grated coconut 1/2cup,grinded to a fine paste.Add sardines ,coconut paste and curry leaves to the mix.Allow to cook well.
Coconut oil 2tspn,shallots 3,cut into rings.Heat oil in a pan,drop in shallots,saute till light brown,
add some curry leaves,season curry with shallots mix.Swirl the wok to spread seasoning.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tapioca coconut sweet bar

Tapioca flour 2 cups,heat a pan,add flour,stir till light brown,allow to cool.
Grated coconut 2cups,sugar 4tblspn,salt a pinch
ghee 2tspn,raisins 2tspn,broken cashew nuts 1tblspn,
Heat ghee in a shallow pan,drop in cashew nuts,fry,remove,add raisins,fry,remove,keep aside.

Add coconut,sugar,salt,mix well,stir till light brown.Add flour,mix,add 21/2cups of boiling water,combine wee,till cooked,
and thickens.
Transfer to a ghee brushed tray,allow to cool.
When cooled cut into desirable shape.Good for evening snacks.The elasticity texture,crunchiness,nuttiness,altogether gives the sweet it's signature.


Kappa kurukku(tapioca pudding)

This is an ethnic dish of my grandma.She used to prepare plain pudding.Here is the
improvised one.
Onion medium 1,green chilly 2,garlic cloves 4,ginger 1inch piece,all finely chopped.
Tapioca flour 3cups,salt to taste,coconut oil 1tblspn,curry leaf 1 sprig,coriander leaves little.
Heat a shallow pan,add flour stir till light brown.Keep it aside.Heat oil in the pan,drop in
curry leaves,onion,garlic,ginger and green chilly,saute till aroma spreads.
Add tapioca flour,salt to taste,mix well,add 4 cups boiling water,combine well till the mix is cooked and form a semiloose ball shape.Tranfer to a serving bowl ,garnish with coriander leaves.Serve with meen puliyum mulakum curry.
Scoop a portion of tapioca pudding on a plate,topped with fish curry.The chips of ginger,garlic and greenchilly in the kurukku is very nice to keep away any acidity problems.

meen puliyum mulakum

This dish is a traditional one of coastal kerala,especially southern kerala.
More popular in villages and is made of fresh catch.
Shallots 12,garlic cloves 4,tamarind seedless a gooseberry size,salt to taste,turmeric powder 1/4tspn,
red chillies 12,coriander 2tspn,fenugreek 1/4tspn,all 3 dry fried.
Grind all the ingredients in a little water to a paste.
In an earthern pot,mix the paste,2 slited green chillies and curry leaves in two cups water and allow to boil.Add fish pieces ,allow to cook.Add 1 tblspn coconut oil,swirl the pot to spread oil evenly.Add more curry leaves.Serve with plain rice,cooked or stewed tubers.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thiruvathira puzhukku

This dish is prepared on thiruvathira of Dhanu masam.

dioscorea (kachil),colocassia,amorphophalus,tapioca,nanakizhangu
all 200gm each
Remove skin ,cut into small pieces,cook in enough water,drain water,
sprinkle salt to taste,add 1/2tspn turmeric and 1 tspn chilly powder.Mix well.

Grated coconut 2cups,cumin seeds 1/2tspn,shallots 5,curry leaf 1/2sprig.
Grind all the ingredients to a coarse mix.Add the mix to the cooked tubers,
combine well.Allow to remain in low flame for 2 minutes.Add curry leaves
and 1 tblspn coconut oil,again mix well.Tranfer into a serving bowl.
Serve with hot rice porridge.(choodu kanji).

Cooked assorted tubers(karthika puzhukku)

This is a nostalgic traditional dish prepared on karthika of Vrikchika month of Malayalam calender.
We hail from Paravur of Kollam district.My mom is from Kappil of Trivandrum district.From her
childhood she use to enjoy this simple dish.Karthika was on 28th June.My mom is with me now at
Aluva and I prepared it for my mom.I wish share it .

      This is prepared with all the available tubers like tapioca,dioscorea,coloccasia,amorphophalus,
sweet potato,minor tubers etc.

Here dioscorea(kachil),sweet potato,tapioca,coloccasia(chembu),cheru chembu and cheru kizhangu.
Remove skin of tubers,cut into medium pieces.Boil water in a wok in open fire,add hard tubers first,
followed by others.

When tubers are cooked,add salt to taste,allow to boil,drain the tubers and
transfer into serving tray.
The speciality of the dish is ,colour combination ,also can enjoy different texture of the tubers,sweetness of sweet potato,
softness of tapioca and sweet potato,compactness of colocassia,looseness of dioscorea......
Serve with coconut chutney.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vegetable spring roll

Carrot 3,onion 1,cabbage 250gm,all sliced slender and thin.
Cooking oil 1tblspn,salt to taste,soy sauce 2tspn,ginger garlic paste 1tspn,
green chilly 2,seeded,sliced thinly.
Heat oil in a pan,add veggies,saute,add ginger garlic paste,salt,saute till
cooked,add soy sauce,mix well,off flame,allow to cool.
Spring roll shts,as reqd,dip the sheet in luke warm water for 10-20secs,take out,
spread on a plate,fill reqd measure of mix,roll it,keep aside.Heat a tefflon coated pan,drop a little oil,
drop in spring rolls,roll over in low flame till it is cooked.Have it
with your favourite sauce.