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Monday, November 7, 2016

Chicken mint biryani

Whole chicken 1, cut into medium pieces. Onion 2, garlic cloves 7, ginger 3 inch piece, all thinly sliced, lemon juice 1/4 cup, salt to taste, mint leaves 2 handful, finely chopped, bay leaves 7, cinnamon sticks 4, biryani masala 2 tbsp. Combine all the ingredients and keep for two hours. Pressure cook for 2 whistle. Allow to cool down. Take the chicken pieces and keep aside.
Basmati rice 21/2 cups, see the balance chicken juices in the cooker and make it to five cups and cook the rice in pressure cooker for a whistle. Allow to cool down and mix with chicken pieces, serve hot with pickles and papadum. Very easy to prepare, no extra oil needed. Tasty and healthy.

Tapioca mutter stew

Tapioca 2 kg., peeled, cubed into 2 inch pieces, cooked in enough water with salt. Drained out the water and keep aside.
Onion 2, cubed, garlic cloves 12, sliced, ginger 4 inch piece, thinly sliced, green chilli 7, silted, bay leaves 7, cinnamon stick 4 inch piece, cardamom 2, salt to taste. Cook the ingredients in a cup of water and add frozen green peas 2 cups, allow to cook, then add cooked tapioca into the mix. Combine well, add 3 cups of coconut milk. Mix well and allow to bubble. Garnish with chopped spring onion. Excellent with chapatti, appam and idiyappam.
This was prepared in connection with a vegetarian dinner.

Veppilakatty (Curry leave chutney)

Curry leave separated and cleaned eight handfuls, dried red chilli 25, shallots 12, thinly sliced, black gram splits 2 tbsp., white rice 2 tbsp., tamarind a gooseberry size ball, salt to taste, grated coconut 10 cups. Dry fry all these ingredients in a pan till golden colour. Add 2 tsp. of hing powder into the mix. Combine well and
allow to cool. Grind in a mixer. Chutney is ready. Can store in room temperature for a month.
Excellent with rice along with yogurt and papadum.
Good for dosai and idly.

Moringa leaves in grated coconut

Moringa leaves 3 handful, cleaned, washed and strained.
Finely grated coconut 1 cup, turmeric and cumin powder 1/2 tsp. each. Combine these ingredients and squeeze with hand and keep aside.
 Onion 1, garlic cloves 4, both finely chopped, coconut oil 2 tbsp., mustard seeds 1/2 tsp., dried chilli 2, broken into 2 each.
Heat oil in a shallow pan, drop in mustard seeds and dried chilli, allow the seeds to splutter, add moringa leaves, sauté it till tender and cooked. Add coconut mix, combine well, adjust salt. Serve with rice.
Grow drumstick plant in your backyard and enjoy this delicious and nutritious dish.

Moringaleaves and Dal

Moringa leaves ( drumstick plant leaves ), two handful, turmeric powder 1/3 tsp., salt to taste, coconut milk 1/2 cup, coconut oil a tbsp.
Moong Dal splits 1/2 cup, onion small 1, garlic cloves 3, both chopped, pressure cook the ingredients in a cup of water with salt to taste and keep aside to cool down. When pressure is gone add drumstick leaves, turmeric and salt into it, combine well and cook in low flame. When cooked add salt to taste and coconut milk. Allow to bubble. Add coconut oil and serve with cooked rice or chapatti.
So easy to prepare and nutritious with vitamin A, iron, minerals and proteins. Also rich in fibre.