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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chilly fish

King fish fillets 1/2 kilogram, cubed, Kashmir chilly powder 2 tsp., pepper powder
1/2 tsp., salt to taste, garlic paste 1 tsp. Marinate fish with the ingredients and refrigerate
for 3 hours. Fry it light brown in required cooking oil and keep it aside.
Onion 1, capsicum 1, cubed, green chilly 4 silted, tomato sauce 1/4 cup, soy sauce 2 tsp.,
salt to taste, Kashmir chilly powder 1 tsp.
In the balance oil, drop in onion, sauté till light brown, add capsicum, sauté till tender,
add chilly powder, salt, followed by sauces, add fried fish pieces, combine well,
allow to remain in low flame for 10 minutes.
Transfer into a serving bowl and garnish with chopped cilantro.
Serve with aapam, chapatti and nan.

Green mango chutney

Green mango 1, peeled, cut into small pieces.
Grated coconut 2 cups, shallots 4, cumin seeds a pinch,
green chilly 7, salt to taste, curry leaf 1 sprig.
Grind all the ingredients in a mixer into a coarse mix.
With hand form the mix into a ball.
Serve with rice along with yogurt.

Nadan chicken roast

Whole chicken 1 kilogram, medium small pieces, curd 1/4 cup, chicken masala 1 tbsp.,
salt to taste. Marinate chicken with the other ingredients and refrigerate overnight.
Shallots 250 gram, garlic cloves 12, ginger 2 inch piece, chopped and crushed.
Onion 1, sliced, green chilly 6, silted, curry leaf 2 sprigs, Kashmir chilly powder
2 tsp., coriander powder 1 tsp., garam masala 1/2 tsp., salt to taste.
Coconut oil 1/3 cup.
Heat oil in a wok, drop in chicken pieces, turn it around till light brown, keep the
chicken pieces aside. Drop in onion, sauté till light brown, add curry leaves and
crushed mix, sauté till aroma spreads, add chilly and coriander powder, sauté for
30 seconds, add chicken pieces, combine well, and in low flame for 10 minutes
to get the chicken covered with the gravy.
Serve with rice, bread and chapatti.

Kappa mathi kuzhambu ( Tapioca and sardine mix )

Tapioca 1 kilogram, peeled, cubed, washed, cooked adding 1/2 tsp., turmeric powder
and salt to taste. Drain and keep aside.
Small sardines 1/2 kilogram, cleaned. Gamboge 3 cloves, soaked.
 Onion 1, garlic cloves 6, ginger 2" piece, all three
 chopped, bird's chilly 6, green pepper 3 spikes, just grinded.
Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp., salt to taste, curry leaf a sprig, fish masala 1 tsp.
Cook sardines with the ingredients, allow to cool, separate fish bones, add fish mix
into the cooked tapioca, mix and smash it in low flame, add 1 tbsp., coconut oil,
combine well and serve hot in banana leaves for better taste.


Cassava Brown peas in a bowl ( Kappa payar kuzhachathu )

Cassava 1 kilogram, peeled chopped, cleaned and cooked with little turmeric and salt to taste.
Brown peas 1 cup, soaked over night and pressure cooked, with salt to taste.
Grated coconut 1 1/2 cups, bird's chilly 12, cumin 1/3 tsp., turmeric powder 1/2 tsp.,
shallots 3, garlic cloves 3, grind all the ingredients into a coarse mixture.
Add coconut mix into cassava and pulse mix, smash well in low flame. Add coconut oil 1 tbsp.,
 curry leaves 2 sprigs, mix well, adjust salt. Dish is ready. Serve with red chilly chutney.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Jeerakasala rice 2 cups, cooked in 4 cups water. Carrots 2, chopped, onion 1, chopped,
ginger paste 1 tsp., garlic paste 2 tsp., anchovy paste 2 tbsp., cooking oil 2 tbsp.,
soy sauce 2 tsp., chilly sauce 1 tbsp., tomato sauce 1 tbsp., cooked green peas 1/4 cup,
green chilly 3, cut into thin rings, salt to taste.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in onion, saute till light brown, add garlic and ginger paste, mix well,
add green chilly, carrot, green peas, saute till stewed, add anchovy paste, combine well,
add cooked rice, combine, adjust salt and transfer into a serving bowl.

Masala Egg roast

Egg 4, boiled, peeled and sliced.
Onion 1, sliced, green chilly 3, silted, curry leaf  a sprig, garlic cloves 7, thinly sliced,
chicken masala 2 tsp., cilantro chopped 1 tbsp., salt to taste, coconut oil 2 tbsp.
Heat oil in a pan, drop in onion, saute till light brown,  add garlic, green chilly, curry leaf,
saute till stewed, add masala and salt, stir for 30 seconds, and 1/4 cup boiling water, mix
well, add egg pieces, combine well, add cilantro.
Transfer into a serving bowl.
Serve with rice and chapatti.

Chilly egg

Hen eggs 2, boiled, cooled, de shelled and halved.
Capsicum 1, onion 1, tomato 1, all cubed.
Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp., green chilly 2, silted and seeded.
Cooking oil 2 tbsp., tomato sauce 1/4 cup, soy sauce 1 tsp., rice bran vinegar 2 tsp.
Cilantro chopped 1 tbsp., salt to taste.
Heat oil in a shallow wok, drop in onion, sauté till light brown, add ginger garlic paste,
sauté till aroma spreads, add green chilly, capsicum and tomato, saute till stewed, add
sauces, salt, mix well, add egg pieces