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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brunch idea at a restaurant in Queensland

home made scones
 A delicious brunch we had at a mountain restaurant at QLD. It was a nice day when we started. After an hour we reached the beautiful reserve area, there it was raining. With our grandsons it was not possible for trekking. So what's next? Thought of spending some time having a chit chat. Then we found a family ran restaurant which serves homemade foods. Yes these are the dishes we had.

scone with jam and cream on it
With the fluffy cream and jam it was so delicious.

The steak was juicy and nicely cooked hot and crispy chips on lettuce leaves.
steak sandwich

The steak sandwich was a wholesome meal.
Kids all time favourite sausage roll was yummy. It was a great thing for me to taste all the western dishes.
sausage roll

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