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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Authentic Puerto Rican dishes.....an experience with my friends....

During my visit to US in 2015 we had an opportunity to be the guest of a loving, smart and intelligent
sisters Ivette and Awilda. Ivette lives in a beautiful township Buda in Texas. They decided to arrange
a true Puerto Rican dinner for us.
   Me, my husband, daughter, son in law, grand children and another senior lovely couple were there
in our team. A real surprise and delicious dinner. The most interesting thing was it has a lot of
similarities to Kerala delights.
   The dishes included assorted tubers, cod fish salad, fresh raspberry salad, green banana and riped
banana fritters, pumpkin fritters, sautéed green banana, pigeon rice, slow cooked chicken pot and beef pot.
    After the appetisers of fritters, salad comes assorted tubers with fish salad, then rice, beef, chicken
and sautéed banana.
    Last a big bang with Ivette's guava puff pastry.
In all the dishes we tasted a super and most valuable ingredient their love.

Riped and green banana fritters

pumpkin fritters

raspberry greens salad

sisters in action
beef pot

chicken pot

pigeon rice

sautéed green banana

team enjoying
fish salad
cooked assorted tubers

guava puff pastry with love

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