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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Seer fish curry with cherry tomatoes and coconu milk...

Seer fish cubes 3 lbs., kokum (Garcinia indica) 12 cloves, soaked in water for an hour, Kashmiri chilli powder 3 tbsp., coriander powder 3 tsp., turmeric powder 1 tsp., fenugreek powder 1 tsp., salt to taste.
Shallots 12, garlic cloves 6, ginger 2 inch piece, all three thinly sliced, coconut oil 2 tbsp., curry leaves 2 sprigs, jalapeno 2, sliced, coconut milk a cup.
Heat oil in a shallow wok, drop in the cherry tomatoes, allow to become a little tender. Take out the tomatoes and keep aside. In the balance oil drop in half curry leaves, onion, garlic and ginger and saute till tender. Add the curry powders except fenugreek, saute for 30 seconds, add salt and kokum along with 2 cups of water. Allow to boil. add fish pieces, allow to boil add the tomatoes and cook in low flame. Add coconut milk, fenugreek powder and balance curry leaves into the curry, allow to bubble for three minutes. Adjust salt and garnish with sliced jalapeno.

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