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Friday, January 20, 2017

A traditional and authentic Mexican Dinner

main course. Chicken mole, corn taco and rice
welcome drinks. hibiscus and lemonade
rice pudding

We were invited by our neighbour for dinner. The true Mexican dinner was a real experience to know about their cuisine. The highlight of the dinner was everything was home made with a special ingredient 'love'.
The hibiscus drink is awesome. The lemonade taste is freshness.
The chicken mole with an ingredient chocolate was a first time taste. It went well with the special rice cooked in chicken broth and the authentic corn taco.
The deserts were rice pudding and flan. The special ingredient cinnamon in the rice pudding gave a new taste and flavour. Although we were familiar with flan, Oh this was so creamy and cheesy with great taste.
It was really great. Thank you my friend!

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